What do you need to know before buying sports bras?


Sports bras are arguably the most important piece of workout apparel. If you’re wearing a bra that doesn’t fit right or support your breasts, you’ll be in for an uncomfortable workout. When shopping for sports bras, experts suggest finding what feels comfortable, keeps you supported, and fits your body. They say, “If a bra doesn’t fall in line with these guidelines, avoid it,” 

Of course, the best way to test buying sports bras is to put them on. Not only does this let you feel the material and figure out if it’s comfortable against your skin, but it also lets you find the right fit. 

Before deciding if a sports bra is right for you, you also need to think about the activity you’ll be wearing it for. One sports bra may be perfect for one workout but not great as sports bras for women for the next.

According to our experts, there are a handful of features worth considering when shopping for a workout sports bra. Here’s what the experts have to say about picking out the right sports bra.

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Arguably the most important thing to focus on when testing a buying sports bras is whether it provides the support you need for any given activity. The simplest way to test? Make the fitting room your playground. Jump up and down, do a few jumping jacks, twist side to side, run in place. Take note of whether the bra moves up and down or stays in place and if it’s too constrictive or not supportive enough when determining if a bra is good for a certain level of impact.

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Low-impact support

Low-impact bras are usually stretchy and comfortable but probably not very supportive, so the breasts will move freely as you do. For some people with larger breasts, bras with low-impact support may not be sufficient for even yoga.

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Medium-impact support

These bras are usually good for a strength class that may have a little bit of cardio in it but not a lot of constant jumping or other quick movements. Medium-support bras can be great for yoga and lifting weights.

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High-impact support

If buying sports bras has high-impact support, there is typically no movement and full coverage of cleavage. Many people need high-impact bras for HIIT class, dance cardio class, and running, all activities that involve jumping motions for a significant period. High-support sports bras usually have a very tight fit and are the best sports bra for running.


Good buying sports bras should always fit you well and be comfortable during your workouts. You will see how the bra feels when you put it on while you sweat and what it feels like an hour or two after your workout if you still have it on. Take note of where it sits on your rib cage.

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Cut and Style

Some buying sports bras styles may fit some people well, while they don’t work great for others. And some styles may work for you for one type of workout but not another. But depending on your body shape, this style may feel fine. It’s important to test a specific cut and style for the workout you’d like to use it for to make sure it’s the most comfortable sports bra, considering the motions you’ll be doing.

Strap Style

You may find that some strap styles fit your body better and feel more comfortable during a workout. In addition to style, the thickness of a bra’s straps can help make it more supportive. Wider, thicker straps will tend to provide more support in higher intensity activities. Also, adjustable straps tend to up the support factor.

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Ease to Put On and Take Off

Bras with zippers in the front, or a clasp in the back, are usually easier to take on and off. If the bra needs to be pulled on and off over the head, it’s important to be able to do so without struggling too much.

Moisture Management

Sports bras made of quick-dry material can make a huge difference in comfort and the best running bra during a workout. To test this, we considered how wet the bra felt during a sweaty workout and how long it took to dry after the workout was over. 

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The feel of the material is also important. Is it soft and comfortable or scratchy and stiff? If buying sports bras is supportive but has rough seams or otherwise just doesn’t feel comfortable against your skin, you’re not going to feel good wearing it.

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How You Feel

The most subjective item here is felt. But it’s important! Buying sports bras should feel comfortable, fit well, and perform during a workout, but it’s also important that you feel good wearing them. When we put on a sports bra, we take note of how it makes us feel. Do we like the style? Does it make us feel confident and ready to crush a workout? Make it a yes!

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Like your other stuff and clothing, your sports bra has a period of usability as well! When you want to supplant a sports bra, you will rely upon its quality, how regularly you exercise, and how you care for your bra. In any case, you should supplant your sports bras one time per year. Assuming you need to purchase the right sports bras, then you can buy from many different brands.

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