What are the 10 Most Common Survival Mistakes?

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Humans are always in quest of something new. People travel from island to rainforest to invent new things. But while traveling or surviving on an island or rainforest, people need to adapt to any adverse situation. There are several surviving techniques people must apply while traveling. But humans are prone to mistakes. As a result, people suffer during the traveling period. Water, food is human’s basic needs. One must be conscious about the survival kit while traveling. 

Survival gear is always an ideal choice for emergencies. Whatever the situation is survival gear must be present. But there are common survival mistakes in survival gear. It can be life-threatening if we don’t have organized survival gear. The doctors, military person, campers can use tactical survival gear.

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Food for survival 

Food is man’s one of the most primary needs. A survival gear must have a knife, scissors to grab for food. The camp members must carry these kinds of stuff. They should be able to grab food from anywhere. There should be a fire-starting tool, fishing swivel, fishing hooks, shrimp bait. But on and off, professionals or hikers commit this survival mistake. So, carrying no equipment is essential for food making or hunting foods will be a trouble maker.

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Water for survival

Water is essential for life. One cannot live for a long time without water in the wilderness. So, in any outdoor activities, one must carry a water bottle. A survival gear must have a water bottle, water bottle clip. So, not having a water bottle is a survival mistake. You will need a container for storing water.  Ropes are essential in such a situation. If we find water in a whale,  we can collect it with the help of ropes and containers. So a professional survival gear is essential.


The shelter is necessary for the wilderness. The professional should have tactical survival gear comprised of a blanket, ax, ropes, safety pins, multiuse flashlight, tourniquet, parachute cord, etc. So not having these in a practical gear kit to making a shelter will be very foolish. Some places are full of wild animals. So we need to protect ourselves from wild animals. And making tents is a correct decision. So a professional or genuine tourist must have survival gear and equipment that can help eradicate survival mistakes.

Fire is essential 

Fire is also essential to cook food or keep warm in cold weather. We need lighters, matches, fire-starting sticks that generate sparks, pockets below. A professional hiker or any tourist can carry a survival set. The set must be able to remove all the survival mistakes. The fire can keep the mosquitoes and other bugs away. In a word, fire-related survival equipment is essential.

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Right clothing 

Appropriate clothing is necessary for outdoor activities. One must pick the right clothes for outings unless it would be a survival mistake. In any adventure, you have to choose clothes according to the weather.  The clothes will be light, heat protecting, and protected from the wilderness in the summer season. On the other hand,  the clothes will be heavy and keep the body warm in the winter season.

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First Aid Box

There is no second thought about a first aid box for an outing or regular work. The first aid box must be waterproof. The first aid box contains an alcohol pad, knuckle bandage, butterfly bandage, cotton swabs, scissors, tweezer, first-aid tape. The first aid box may come in a tactical package. So, not carrying the first aid box is a big survival mistake one can commit while traveling.

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Proper training 

Proper training is necessary before going into any wilderness. Because in camps, hiking there may arise any sorts of difficulties. One must be prepared to face an adverse situation. Through training, the person will get ideas about any unwanted situation. One must start practicing from home. A traveler or professional doctor, the explorer must know about survival mistakes. And they should be familiar with the survival gear and equipment for their betterment.

 Not carrying Navigation Tool

While traveling or inventing new things one might get lost. The tactical survival gear has a navigation tool that is a compass. While traveling with a group, you may get slow then the compass can help you find the place or group.

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Doing Research of the Site

One should always study about the place where he is heading. One should not underestimate the risks in the wilderness.  Travel or a professional must be able to understand a map. He should choose the best route. And that route will be free of animal attack and climate risks. So not researching the place can be a survival mistake.

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Lackings survival equipment 

A survival gear must-have tactical pen, multifunctional card, survival bracelet, wire saw storage case, etc. Every survival gear and equipment is necessary according to purposes. So not carrying any of this equipment can be a survival mistake.

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We need tactical survival gear for a convenient and wonderful experience at the camp days or regular workdays.  The survival gear should be lightweight and easy to carry in bag packs or pockets. The survival gear will be a multi-tool kit and cheap. The survival gear should have helpful tools to prepare food, fetch water, generate fire, and make shelters in the wilderness. If someone is not carrying proper survival gear then he will be worried. So one should not commit these survival mistakes.

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