Ways to keep your home safe for the holidays

Ways to keep your home safe for the holidays min

The meaning of home is very important and significant to us as human beings. You may have bought a home with all your savings after working hard for many years but have you thought about the safety of that sweet home when you are outside?? In this article, we will provide you with information to keep your home safe for the holidays.

Home safety

Home safety means the awareness and education of risks in and around the home which may cause harm, injury, and much other loss. Taking proper measures can help us to get home safely. Home safety assessment is very important as people are concerned about their home security. Thus there are some rules and regulations.

Home safety
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Home safety checklist to follow

Kitchen area

  • Store cleaners in a locked or high cabinet 
  • Keep oven and dishwasher handles free of dishcloths and rags.
  • Cabinet locks.
  • Install an oven door lock.
  • Store sharp appliances like blenders or food processors out of reach.
safety for Kitchen area
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Bathroom area

  • Keep cleaners, medicines, and chemicals in a safe zone.
  • Secure toilet lids.
  • Store items like curler, hairdryer, or flat irons in a locked cabinet.
  • Install doorknob covers to help prevent access to the bathroom.
safety for Bathroom area
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Living area

  • Hide wires behind furniture or use a white hider.
  • Cover outlets.
  • Use safety gates restricting access to stairways. 
  • Install sliding door locks.
  • Secure television and heavy furniture like bookcases to the wall.
  • Cover sharp corners and edges with guards and bumpers.
Living area security
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Bedroom area

  • Keep mini blind cords out of reach.
  • Secure furniture to the wall.
  • Cover outlets with outlet protectors for furniture.
  • Install bed rails.
Bedroom area security
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General safety

  • Install safety gates at the top and bottom of the stairs.
  • Have car seats checked to make sure they are installed properly?
  • Keep doors closed and restrict access to rooms that are not child-friendly.

Home safety tips to follow whenever you are on holidays 

  • Do not hide a spare key under the welcome mat. If you choose to hide a spare key around the house, be smart about where you put it. There are many unique ways to hide a key properly.
  • Remove family stickers or other identifying information. For example, the stick family stickers that people place on their cars let strangers know how many people are in a home and the dog’s name. This information can be useful to someone who wants to burglarize a home.
  • Never put empty boxes of expensive things outside your house. These can attract many thieves, and they will get to know what they can find inside your house.
General safety for home
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  • Never leave a spare key of your house for a maintenance worker or someone you barely know.
  • Always keep an emergency kit in your house.
  • Don’t leave doubt for home fire safety. Fire can happen anywhere in the house. So make sure you keep a fire extinguisher in your house and learn to use it.
  • If you have the budget to install a real camera, you should install one or at least a ring alarm home security system. On the other hand, if you don’t have the budget, there are many fake camera options to buy.

Keep your home safe for children and elders 

Do Not Leave Your kids Alone in the water 

Kids love to splash in the water, whether it is a bathtub or a swimming pool. Though it is a fun time, accidents like drowning can occur in water tubs or pools. Make sure the water level is not more than the waistline of your kid when you place him in a tub or sink. Never leave your kids unattended, even for a second when the phone rings and your doorbell rings. Give strict instructions to your kids that there must be no pushing while enjoying a dip in the pool.

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Keep All Products and Detergents Away from Kids

All cleaning products have chemicals in them, which make them highly poisonous if swallowed. You can make your home child-proof by getting on your hands and knees to ensure there are no cleaning products in and around the rooms where your kids can reach. Install doors to all your cabinets and keep them locked after every use. Never store these detergents in food containers or store them near kitchen shelves as your kids might mistake such things for food.

General safety for home 1
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Cover All The Electrical Outlets and Wires at Home

Make your home childproof from all kinds of electric shock by covering electrical sockets, which you might not be using at the moment, using plastic covers. Throw away the electrical gadgets or repair the electric cords which are damaged. Insulate the wires or fix them using a casing to cover them. Teach kids about the dangers of electric shock and tell them they must not touch any of these with wet hands.

Small Sized Items Must be Kept away from Kids.

Kids usually are in danger of choking if they play with small toys or food items like whole almonds. Make sure you divide the food into bite-sized portions to avoid choking. Be careful while giving your child grapes, candies, carrots, nuts, and popcorn to eat, as it can also cause choking. Make sure you keep buttons, coins, earrings, pins, or marbles out of reach from your kids, as these can also trigger a choking hazard.

Image Source: European Commission – European Union

Ensure a safe bathroom

The bathroom can be the riskiest room in a senior’s home. To ensure your loved one’s safety, you need to make sure that you address the following issues:

Install grab bars in the shower. Place a special bathing chair in the tub. Your best choice for a bathing chair is one that will also fit in the shower.

Final words

Keeping your home safe is a responsibility. Your one careless work may give thousands of reasons to cry. However, the above precautions may help you to keep your home safe.

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