7 Top-rated Smart Light Bulb to Make an Amazing Smart Home

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The invention of light bulbs has changed the course of civilization. From its early invention to now, it came across many stages of evolution, and that legacy has gifted us the latest smart led light bulbs. However, the real credit goes to the people for whom the light bulbs were invented to remove darkness and make life more colorful. The people who are mostly remembered for this invention are Thomas Alva Edison and Humphry Davy. Humphry Davy was the first to come up with the electric light in 1802. However, Thomas Alva Edison left his mark with the first practical and commercial incandescent light in 1879. 

And see, where are we today? Now we have lights that understand our voice commands to get turned on or off, dimmed, or brighten up. These lights are called smart light bulbs; they are so smart that you can even control them remotely with your phone to set different scenic light effects or schedule routine lighting. This article intends to provide you with a buying guide for the best smart light bulb and review some of the top-notch ones in the market. 

Smart devices are not easy to pick in the messy market, which goes the same with the smart light bulb. So what if we ease your process of finding the best smart light bulb with our intensive research and testing. Yes, here you are with some of the best smart light bulb suggestions. But before getting into their reviews, why don’t we look at some of the FAQs regarding the smart bulbs. So let’s start!

Peteme Smart LED Light Bulb

Peteme Smart LED Light Bulb

The search for the best smart light bulb brings us to an amazing choice is the amazing Peteme Smart LED Light Bulb. It’s compatible with all the innovative technology out there for your home automation and has a lot to offer you. We’ll have a look at some of its features below.

Compatibility with Smart Voice Control

Peteme smart LED light bulb comes in a pack of 4 and is compatible with all the on-trend voice-control technologies, including Google Home Assistant, Alexa Echo, and Echo Dot. Voice command the smart bulb to switch it on/off, brighten/dim it, or set the mood. Whether you want these smart light bulbs for echo dot or google home assistant, they can perform equally well to give you maximum satisfaction.

Peteme LED Light Bulb

APP Remote Control

Whether at home or away, you can control the Peteme smart bulb with its Smart Life app that can be downloaded and installed on your iOS or Android device. This app allows you to group all the Peteme bulbs and control them with a single command. The home Away option will enable you to schedule on/off the lights. It is compatible with the 2.4GHz wifi network.

Multi-color Smart Bulb

With this smart bulb, you can create light effects with immense 16M colors. Its warm white and excellent White adds to your ambiance more gently. The brightness of all the colors is dimmable as well.

Wide Application & Scene System

The Smart Life app allows you to set different light modes depending on the occasion to lighten up. Now you have distinct light effects for your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or use them for recreation like parties, bars, cafes, and so on. It also offers some amazing functions such as Group Control, Color Palette, Timer, Sunlight, Sunrise, Sunset, MIC Function, Dimmable, Scene Mode, DIY Mode, Energy Saving Mode, and so on.

Peteme Smart LED Light

Energy Save with Longer Lifespan

This 600lm 7W smart but comes with an E26 base that is equivalent to traditional 75W incandescent bulbs. So it can save up to 80% energy consumption while providing a longer lifespan. And that can be as much as 27,000 working hours.

What Customers Say

The frequent five-star rating for this amazing bulb indicates why it is considered the best smart light bulb. It’s functional with an amazing price tag. So it’s worth the purchase.

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Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance 2-Pack A19 LED Smart Bulb

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Looking for a LED Bulb that is truly smart with cutting technology? Can’t get anything better than the Philips Hue LED Smart Bulb. This bulb comes with some really smart features that make it a high-end option. For a marvelous smart LED light, you can’t but check out its features.

Convenient to Use

You can get started to enjoy some incredible lighting with this Smart LED light bulb. You can set the perfect mood with 16M colors. And, of course, the convenience of using it with the phone makes it joyful for your room decor. You can also explore different voice assistant features alongside Bluetooth and Zigbee to make it more fun to use and control.

Philips Hue LED Smart Bulb

Voice Assistant Compatible

You can set up the Philips Hue Bulbs with your favorite voice assistant apps like Alexa and Google Home Assistant. Connect to your favorite voice assistant with the app. Significantly, if you have any Amazon Echo device, the delight can be enhanced many times.

Bluetooth Compatible

With the Philips Hue Bluetooth App on your iOS/Android device, you can use up to 10 Bluetooth smart bulbs in your room. Plus, if you have the Hue Hub or Hue Ecosystem, the Bluetooth connectivity will help it integrate into your ecosystem/home automation. So control your lighting even if you’re away.

Set the Mood You Love

The fun light colors or accents provide you the chance to set the right mood and style for your room decor. The pre-set light recipes allow you to create routines and timers to help you to feel refreshed in the morning and wind down in the evening.

Philips Hue LED Smart Bulb

Certified Performance

This Energy Star-certified light can last up to 25,000 hours or 22 years, which is immense. Moreover, this is light-certified for humans for its tinker-free, struggle-free, and stress-free performance.

What Customers Say

If you are a gadget lover who goes mad about smart LED lights, you can expect a lot from this amazing light. It works with Google Home Assistant & Alexa but follows the instruction manual to connect it with the voice assistants. It is also highly-priced, so it’s not for a smart light for those on a budget.

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Viribright Smart LED Light Bulb

Viribright Smart LED Light Bulb

Looking for a basic smart light bulb? Check out the Viribright Smart LED Light Bulb; it comes with some decent features at a reasonable price. This basic smart light bulb here is worth watching out for its excellent combination of performance and price.

Smart Control

This wifi LED smart light bulb offers smart control and makes itself worth inclusion in your Smart Home. It comes with an iOS/Android compatible app ViriSmart that allows the convenience of possession and use. Whether you are at home or not, you have the power to control the light from any remote location.

MultiColor & Schedule Option

The advantage of having this Viribright Smart light over the traditional lights is that you can enjoy multiple colors in one single light bulb. You can command or schedule the light to change hues to match the occasion. You can also schedule the turn on/off option.

Viribright LED Light Bulb

Convenient Light

The convenience is written all over this light. It’s straightforward to install the light and also control it. Enjoy the color-adjustable lighting while saving on energy.  So it can be a wallet-friendly solution as well. 

Wide Applications

The Viribright smart light consumes 10 watts of energy that is equivalent to the traditional 60W lights. You can use this light in a broader range of applications, such as desk lamps, chandelier lighting, or ceiling fan illumination. With this RGBW bulb, you get the versatility and freedom to upgrade almost any light in the house.

Smart LED Light Bulb

Maximum Satisfaction

This wifi-enabled bulb features custom schedules, group options to be controlled at once, the combination of millions of colors, dimmable brightness, preloaded scenes, and tunable white light variety. The manufacturers provide a 2-year warranty and all-time after-sales support for your maximum satisfaction.

What Customers Say

It offers a lot for the price, and that’s why most of the customers are happy with the Viribright Smart LED Bulb.

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iBRIGHT Smart wifi LED Light Bulb

iBRIGHT Smart wifi LED Light Bulb

How about getting a Smart LED Light Bulb with Voice Assistant features under $20? Sounds exciting, right? We have this amazing iBRIGHT Smart wifi LED Light Bulb that is undoubtedly worth watching out as a budget option in this best smart light bulb list to keep your excitement upheld.

Smart & Convenient

Don’t worry about any complex proceedings; download this iBRIGHT app on your iOS/Android phone and install it. Once installed, connect it using the wifi and explore a whole new lighting experience.

No Hub

This amazing light bulb doesn’t require any hub to be a part of your home automation. Get it connected to the 2.4 GHz wifi network and enjoy it. You can connect multiple lights on the app and control all of them from anywhere you want. 

iBRIGHT wifi LED Light Bulb

Voice Control Feature

Being a budget king smart LED light bulb, it doesn’t let you down with the smart voice control feature. You can control your light with the voice command as it supports the Google Home Assistant and Alexa. You can use this feature to turn on/off the light or dim/brighten it.

Multicolor & Schedule Option

The iBright is a 16M RGB multi-color smart light bulb, and you can enjoy a wide variety of White ranging from 2700k-6500k,  including cool and warm white effects. It also allows you to schedule the light when you wake up or sleep or before you get back home.

iBRIGHT Smart wifi LED Light Bulb

What Customers Say

This smart light works as advertised, and it seems to make a worthy addition for its great performance, durability, and pricing. 

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Sengled Smart LED Multicolor A19 Starter Kit

Sengled Smart LED Multicolor A19 Starter Kit

While coming up with the best smart light bulb, you can’t miss out on the Sengled Smart LED Multicolor A19 Starter Kit. It offers you to do more with the lighting at your home as you can set the mood for your cozy nights or party vibes. Let’s check out this amazing light bulb below.

Smart Lighting

The Sengled Smart Hub lets you get started to connect the Sengled Smart Hub to a 2.4GHz wifi network. Once it’s connected and you have the Sengled Home App on your iOS/Android device, you are all good to turn the lights on/off, dim/brighten it, or set schedule lighting. 

Voice Control Features

You can connect this Smart LED Starter Kit to the Google Home Assistant or Alexa to control the lights using voice commands to make the lighting more fun.

Sengled Smart LED Multicolor A19 Starter Kit

Set the Mood

The right lighting effect can set the perfect mood for your occasions. With Sengled, you can choose from more than 16M colors and tunable whites (candlelight/daylight) ranging from 2000k to 6500k. When you turn back the light on, it will automatically start the last setting.

Create Scenes & Schedules

This is another fun feature that you can enjoy with this smart light starter kit. It allows you to set scenes, change the lighting colors, and put it on a schedule whether you are at home or away.

 Multicolor A19 Starter Kit

Expand the Smart Lighting

The Sengled Smart Hub included in the package expands your smart lighting experience by supporting 64 Sengled Smart LED lights. So you can have additional multi-color or white A19 lights as you want.

What Customers Say

Sengled Smart LEDs are a worthy addition to the list of the best smart light bulbs. And you can quickly realize it from the amazing response from the users regarding its lighting performance as a real mood-setter.

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Wyze Bulb 800 Lumen A19 LED Smart Home Light Bulb

Wyze Bulb 800 Lumen A19 LED Smart Home Light Bulb

The best smart light bulbs list will be incomplete without including the Wyze Bulb 800 Lumen A19 LED Smart Home Light Bulb. This amazing light bulb supports all the smart features to give you an incredible lighting experience.

Set the Mood

Setting up your mood has never been that easy as it is with the Wyze Bulb’s tunable distinct white color temperatures. For evening relaxation, you can use the warm white (2700k), and for waking up in the morning, you can use the daylight (6500k).

Smart Control

This 9.5-watt LED light bulb is equivalent to the 60-watt traditional bulbs that can produce up to 800 lumens. With the Wyze App, you can control this smart light bulb to turn it on/off, dim the brightness, or set the schedule. It’s also compatible with the on-trend voice control techs like Alexa or Google Home Assistant to make it more convenient to control.

Wyze LED Smart Home Light Bulb

Convenient Setup

The Wyze Smart Bulb is convenient to set up as you can directly into your 2.4GHz home wifi network. You don’t need any additional hubs as well. The app is user-friendly to make it easier to use.

Automate the Lights

You can also automate the lights with Wyze Sense (not included). Wyze Sense has motion and contact sensors to let you control the lights based on the motion, like door closing/opening to turn on/off the light accordingly. You can integrate the lights with IFTTT to link the Wyze Bulbs to link it to the rest of your home automation devices.

Set Schedules & Group Control

The Wyze Bulbs are smart enough to be scheduled. So you can set custom schedules to turn it/off according to a routine to make it look like a perfect home. You can also group multiple bulbs to control them simultaneously or use the shortcut to control all the Wyze devices.

LED Smart Home Light Bulb

What Customers Say

The Wyze Smart Light Bulb makes people happy with its amazing performance and price. However, if you’re not in the USA, you would not find it compatible with Alexa. So be careful about that when you buy it.

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LOHAS Candelabra LED Bulb E12 Base Smart Bulbs

LOHAS Candelabra LED Bulb E12 Base Smart Bulbs

The LOHAS Candelabra LED Bulb E12 Base Smart Bulbs are a great inclusion in Best Smart Light Bulbs list. It comes in a pack of 2 and has some decent features at a reasonable price. Let’s check out some of its features below.

Smart Control

LOHAS E12 smart light bulb offers a smart controlling system. It is compatible with voice control features like Google Home Assistant, Alexa, and Siri. You can control it with the voice command to adjust the brightness of the light or change its color. It also gives you the chance to be controlled remotely with its user-friendly UYA Smart App regardless of wherever you are.

Make Life More Colorful

The Candelabra 5W E12 base light bulb can generate over 16M light colors, including RGB and tunable White (2700K-6000K). To make your environment more rhythmic it comes with eight distinct scene modes to match different occasions of your life, including work, entertainment, sleep, play, and so on.

LOHAS Candelabra LED Bulb

Supports Group Control

With the app, you can create different groups you want and then control them with a single operation. The multi-bulbs light fixture gives you the group connection for an enhanced lighting experience; make sure they all enter resetting mode simultaneously.

Convenient Setup

This 5-watt smart light bulb can produce lumens equivalent to a 40W candlelight. It is convenient to set up the light with your 2.4GHz home wifi network without requiring any hub. You can set up some handy schedules to get reminded about your daily tasks such as studying, sleeping, waking up, and so on.


Safe & Reliable 

The Lohas 450lm C35 LED light is also a power saver, as it can save energy consumption by up to 80%. It’s safe for your environment as it doesn’t include mercury or lead, UV, or IR. Its construction includes high-quality shell material and is compliant with different safety and quality standard certificates like  CE, RoHS, and FCC.

What Customers Say

There are some amazing responses from the customers on Amazon about this smart light bulb. And it should be one worth the deal to crack.

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FAQs on Smart Light Bulbs

What are smart light bulbs?

Smart light bulbs are internet-capable LED light bulbs that allow lighting to be remotely controlled, scheduled, and customized regarding the light effects. Some of these light bulbs allow voice assistant compatibility to let them be controlled with voice commands. 

Who created the lightbulb? When were light bulbs invented?

There are three people behind the invention of the lightbulb: Davy, Swan, and Edison. However, Thomas Alva Edison is considered the inventor of the first Practical Incandescent Light Bulb. He, with his team of researchers, invented the first patented lightbulb in November 1879.

How to set up smart light bulbs?

To set up the smart light bulbs, you need to download and install the respective application on your phone. Once you have the app, you can add the light bulb by pressing the Plus (+) icon and selecting the device. Then follow the instructions on the app to be able to control the lights using the app.

How do smart light bulbs work?

Today’s cutting-edge smart light bulbs have built-in wifi receivers, whereas some of them use mesh networking to get connected in a hub plugged into a router of a home wifi network. And when the lights are connected to the wifi network, they can be communicated through connected phones and devices.

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Are smart light bulbs safe?

Smart light bulbs are like other smart devices in terms of safety, meaning any device connected to the wifi network leaves a chance for hackers to infiltrate the network to steal personal info. However, there are no additional safety issues you need to be tensed off.

Do smart light bulbs save money?

The upfront purchasing cost of the smart light bulbs is higher, but they can save money in the long run as they are more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. And also, they last longer to let you save money on replacements.

Which smart light bulbs work with Google Home?

There are some best smart light bulbs for google home: Philips Hue, Magic Hue, Peteme, Haodeng, Sengled, Kasa, Wyze, and so on. Watch out for them in our review section and get the best google home smart light bulb for your utmost lighting experience. By the way, these are the best smart light bulbs for Alexa voice assistants as well.

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Why won’t my smart light bulb connect?

There could be several reasons for not being able to connect the smart light bulb. The problem could be with the socket, wifi connection, physical damage to the light, and so on. You need to check out the troubleshooting guide to find the actual reason.


We’ve tried our best to give you some important suggestions regarding your search for the best smart light bulb in this article. These suggestions cover different aspects of smart lighting, whether it is about setting up modes, creating scenes, and scheduling the lighting. And controlling all these functions remotely using your smartphone. They are also convenient to set up and provide a wide variety of light effects to bring life into your surroundings. The voice assistant compatibility makes it even more fun to use.

Regarding price, they cover different pricing ranges, so that you can choose one according to your budget. However, the performance will vary based on the price range. But it should be good enough to impress you. This should be it as we feel you are good to make the overall pick for the best smart light bulb by now.

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