Five Top-Rated Portable Electric Stove For Your Kitchen

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You may be shifting to a new house, and your kitchen is yet to be ready, or you are running out of space in your kitchen to set a full stovetop, or you’re someone living in the dorm or going outdoors constantly; what could be the demand of such situations? Yes, it is the portable electric stove, your solution to these myriads of problems. They are lightweight, compact, easy to set up, and easy to use; most importantly, they can fulfill your cooking demands. Even if you have a full stovetop in your kitchen, you can still use this as an extra handy stove.

With the evolution of technology in electric cooking stoves, it’s a little challenging to know which one could be the right choice. So it is us, on behalf of you, who have done the research and tests to come up with a compilation for the top-rated portable electric stove reviews. These are some of the amazing ones available on the market, so let’s have a look at these in detail. 

IMUSA USA GAU-80305 Electric Single Burner

IMUSA USA GAU 80305 Electric Single Burner

It’s time to hear for IMUSA, a well-known brand for providing houseware and kitchenware products, especially the portable electric stove.

They have been great manufacturers of electric stoves and mostly got good reviews from the users. However, we only focus on their single electric burner that lets you cook anywhere and everywhere as long as you have an active electric plug. This is portable and compact, making it an ideal cooking option for outdoor events, offices, or small apartments. So don’t be hungry anymore even if you are out of the home.

Cook The Way You Want

It takes different temperature levels to cook your desired foods like soup, vegetables, pasta, or even warm food. To regulate the temperature at your desired level, you get the temperature regulating knob in this burner. To heat your dishes evenly, it also comes up with heat distribution coils.

Safe and Easy To Clean

It is straightforward to clean the burner as you can access the drip pan without any hassle. It stays firm and doesn’t slide due to the non-skid rubber feet, making it safe to use. There is also a power indicator light that will let you know whether it is in use or not to avoid any accident. To ensure safe usage, follow the manual and don’t use it for more than 60 mins in 2 hours.

Electric Single Burner

Multiple Variations

The IMUSA burner comes with variations in its unique features. These variations include colors, exteriors, and sizes. People who want to avoid the big burners and want something small and soothing in their small kitchen should surely love this.

Why You Should Buy It

This is a perfect single portable electric stove that you can consider buying if you are looking for a compact yet efficient one. It will make your cooking a lot easier and with almost the same effectiveness as the regular burners. But consider the cautions to avoid any danger.

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Cusimax 1800W Infrared Double Burner Portable Electric Stove

Cusimax 1800W Infrared Double Burner Portable Electric Stove

Cusimax, a name again on the list! Especially when it is about the hot plate/electric stoves. Their brand reliability is something you can trust as they firmly stand behind their products.

We are now moving to this particular Cusimax infrared double burner electric stove that we’ve put on our list. It’s a little different from the one we mentioned earlier. It’s an infrared double burner version, and I will learn more about this below.

Infrared Cooktop Advantages

This is a unique infrared cooktop. Wondering what the difference is? The differences or we can say the advantages of an infrared burner are: using the infrared to cook and not the harmful electromagnetic radiation, high thermal efficiency that can help to reach the maximum temperature in no time, retaining the heat at the end, multifunctional cooking modes, and compatibility with all kinds of cookware.

Cusimax 1

Heats Up In No Time

Compared with the traditional hot plate burners that take minutes to heat your food, the infrared burners do that in just a few seconds. It is a powerful cooker with a power of 120V and two 900W motors. So cook your favorite foods such as grilled cheese, soup, pasta, scrambled eggs, and so on just like that. It is advised to cover the cookware with a lid when boiling any liquid.

Convenience Of Use

It provides a great convenience of use for multiple reasons. Firstly its size is pretty compact and is portable as well. It is also effortless to clean as a straightforward wipe with the damp clean cloth is good enough, but make sure it cools then. Finally, there is no stovetop required as well.

Safety and Durability

No radiation, no danger. As we’ve said, it uses the infrared to heat up and doesn’t have any electromagnetic radiation, thus making it completely harmless for the human body. Another safety feature is the overheat protection, and to do that, it has a thermal fuse and a thermostat that regulates the temperature and shuts off automatically once the temperature reaches the settings. And after a few seconds, turn it back to the original settings. So it remains in the normal state when you see the indicator turning on/off automatically.

Portable Electric Stove

Compatible With All Cookware

It also reduces your concern for its excellent compatibility with all kinds of cooking pot and pans with the max size of 7.1”. And no matter what the material is – copper, glass, aluminum, or cast-iron; it heats all the cookware with maximum efficiency and minimal heat loss.

Great After Sales Service

The manufacturers give you a sense of confidence by providing an 18-month free replacement warranty for quality issues and a 30-day money-back guarantee if the product fails to meet your expectations. Even after sales Cusimax doesn’t leave you behind. Instead, they stand behind their products. But make sure the product is not used in any improper way.

Why You Should Buy It

If it meets your specs and you want, don’t hesitate about the quality and performance. Just grab it fast as we’ve already mentioned how the manufacturers ensure their products’ quality and performance. All of their products cover the product liability insurance of the US. So it should be a safe and reliable cooking induction for you.

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Maxi-Matic ESB-301BF Single Electric Flat Cast Iron Heating Plate Burner

We’ve mixed our reviews with single and double portable electric stoves. Here is a single electric burner from Maxi-Matic that you’re going to love as you move along, with its detailed features below.

Faster Cooking

This single countertop burner has enough power of 1000watts to concentrate and cook faster for you so that you don’t have to waste much of your time cooking.

Maxi Matic ESB 301BF Single Electric Flat Cast Iron Heating Plate Burner

Adjustable Temperature

It’s always essential to have an adjustable temperature while cooking, as you need to change the level depending upon the progress of your dish. You can switch between the proper temperatures to cook the food by simply adjusting the knob. The available temperature settings are off, warm, low, medium, and high.

Easy To Clean

The cooking stove is something subjected to heavy-duty use, and it is in this case. So, it needs an easier way to clean as well. The cast-iron flat heating plate of the burner is straightforward to scrub to get it ready for the next session.

Safe As You Like

It comes with a cool-touch base and non-skid rubber feet to keep it stable while cooking. The power indicator light is also there to let you know whether it is in operation or not.

Why You Should Buy It

There are some excellent reasons you should buy it, like its compact size, fast heat-up time, stable feet, adjustable temperature dial, and most importantly, reasonably reasonable price.

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Ovente Electric Double Coil Burner 

Ovente Electric Double Coil Burner

They say they understand what you need in your kitchen; we believe they are right. It’s Ovente that we are talking about.

To make your cooking hassle-free and fast, they bring you the Ovente Electric double Coil Burner. It is a powerful, durable, and space saver portable electric stove. Pull all your favorites together with the right taste and less time. So cooking is made more accessible. Let’s hear what more they do offer.

Hassle-Free Cooking

We’ll find out why the Ovente cooks so efficiently and how. It’s a double-coil burner with pretty large hot plates sizes of 6” and 5.7” that let you try cooking different things with the perfect electric stove heating. The durable stainless steel heating tube with a power of 1700W/120V can cook something up very quickly with no cold or hot spots. So it’s easy to get over the cooking fast to do more of your work.

Ovente Electric Coil Burner 

Great Quality

The body of this electric cooker is built like a tank, made of a durable metal housing that is highly resistant to fire and high temperatures. You will see it without any bend or warp after many years of use.

Steady Heating

The electric coil burner comes with an indicator light that lightens until the temperature is reached. To set your desired temperature according to your dish, you also have the control knob to turn and choose. Then it’s up to the burner to maintain that heat.

 Double Coil Burner 

Safe and Easy

It keeps your cooking safe by not allowing the cooker to slide or slip in smooth and tiled surfaces with its anti-skid rubber feet. The easy thing is its cleaning procedure. You don’t need to scrub or use abrasive cleaning agents; all you need to do is wipe it dry with the non-electrical portion with the damp sponge.

Why You Should Buy It

The manufacturers have given their attention to detail while coming up with such an efficient cooker. They are also ensuring its quality and performance with a 1-year warranty if not misused. So, there are plenty of reasons you should buy it, the most important being reliability, and it is reliable.

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CUKOR Portable Electric Stove

CUKOR Portable Electric Stove

Cukor portable electric stove, something worth watching.

It is a double burner that works with infrared. This brand has a good reputation for providing high-performance kitchen appliances, and this one is nothing different. We will learn more about this fantastic electric stove that they say is synonymous with fast and effective cooking. So let’s find out.

Multi-Functional Cooking Programs

It supports multifunctional cooking programs such as cooking soup, frying, stir-frying, slow cooking, etc. You can also use it for barbeque and teppanyaki if you have a barbeque plate. So cook what you want.

Great Compatibility

This electric stove is compatible with all cookware maximum of 7.1” in diameter and 22lbs in weight, the ideal size. Moreover, the Cukor infrared burner is unlike the cooktops and can be used with pan-shaped cookware made of ceramic, glass, aluminum, and stainless steel.

CUKOR Electric Stove

Compact and Lightweight

This burner is compact, making it suitable for small kitchens and outdoor events. It is mainly ideal for offices, dorms, RV, camping, and home nonetheless. It can also be carried easily for its lightweight. The stainless steel body can withstand frequent and heavy-duty use.

Fast Heating Technology

It is powered by a 120V/1800W power supply with vertical heating technology. So the core finishes heating in seconds while the surface temperature can reach up to 1256 °F. Moreover, the heat is transferred evenly and efficiently through infrared radiation. Avoid touching the burner while in use.

Safe and Efficient

To maintain the desired temperature, the burner automatically cycles on/off. There is a thermal fuse to protect from overheating as well. More safety features of this burner are: no use of fire, voltage regulator, no radiation, no carbon monoxide, and stovetop. So it’s all safe, and it saves your electricity by 30% than other traditional ones.

Portable Electric Stove

Free Replacement Warranty

It comes with a 30-day return and an 18-month free return policy to take you in more confidence. The factory of Cukor is passed to BSCI certification assigned by Amazon agency, and the products are also ETL certified.

Why You Should Buy It

If safety is your top priority, then the infrared electric stove gets a head-on. Besides, it also has all the features to amaze you regarding your cooking. So thumbs up!

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Answering Some Of The FAQs

While researching, we came up with the following questions that we felt needed to be answered.

How does an electric stove work?

Electricity is converted to heat by the electric stoves. When you turn on the burner dial, the electricity flows through the thick, and the big coil of wire called the heating element is attached to the appliance’s ceiling. But this material of the coil is a resistor and resists the electricity to turn it into heat. Then this heats the pot on the top to start cooking. There is a thermostat to control the flow of electricity hence the heat, and you can also do it manually using the dial. However, the reasonably new induction stoves use a different mechanism. They use magnetic induction to heat the conductive pot on the top to heat itself. The alternating current creates the magnetic field to activate the atoms in the pot to heat it.

How to clean a portable electric stove?

To clean the electric stove, you need to make sure it is completely cool. Once it’s cool, wipe down the whole stovetop with a damp, wet towel or sponge and then dry it out. Additionally, you can use the cleanser to scrub or your scraper to clean the grease build up if any.

Where to buy a portable electric stove?

Where and which portable electric stove to buy? We’ll be covering these answers in our article. Although our recommendations will help you buy the best electric stove available online, particularly on Amazon, you can also look for one on the good electrical appliances shop near you. To find out the best, follow our suggestions.

Why is my electric stove smoking?

In the case of the new electric stoves, you may see light smoke that occurs from a protective oil coating used during the production process. The burners typically smoke if they are attributable to excessive grease. The way to get rid of this smoke is to burn that grease or coating off. Turn your burners to high and wait until it stops smoking. Once it is destroyed, turn it off. Be careful not to leave the room while it’s turned on.

Portable Electric Stove
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Can an electric stove catch fire?

Yes, it can, but it is unlikely as long as it is appropriately used. The causes for that could be electrical circuit malfunction, overheating of the cooktop, negligence of leaving something on the hot cooktop, etc.


By now, you must’ve known that the portable electric stove is worth investing in. Moreover, this list has narrowed down your search process with the best and most well-reviewed portable countertop stove available out there. We have taken all the essential factors while compiling this list like temperature control, power configuration, heat distribution, size, budget, safety measures, etc. So you don’t need to be worried about any other criteria while searching for your portable electric stove. This article here is sufficient enough to aid you while choosing the best electric stove.

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