Five Top-rated Light-blocking Curtains for Your Cozy Home

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Are you struggling with your daytime sleep? Figured out what’s causing this issue? Come on! It’s nothing other than the unwanted sunlight! And it’s ruining your cozy sleeping atmosphere, mate! Now how do you plan to deal with that? Yeah, you guessed it right; all you’ve to do is – get a new set of the best light-blocking curtains for your room. You can also call them blackout curtains. These drapes can ensure peaceful moments for you and your loved ones by controlling the room’s temperature and quieting the outside noise.

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But do you think the problem’s solved? Well, not yet, as you still need to figure out the best one among an immense range of messy options. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Our intensive research by a team of experts has helped us round up some of the best room-darkening curtains. Then how about checking out a detailed review of these highly recommended blackout curtains? Well, this is probably what you want, so let’s start!

List of The Best Light-Blocking Curtains

 Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Light Blocking Blackout Curtains

Two tie Backs Included (52Wx84L, Light Beige, 2 Panels)

Yakamok is a must-inclusion brand when it comes to the best light-blocking curtains. Especially its Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Light Blocking Blackout Curtain is an amazing one that deserves your attention. These blackout window curtain panels combine traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art engineering. So there’s more to check out about it.

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High-quality Fabric for Sunlight Control

You can call it a premium blackout curtain panel considering its high-quality, 100% durable Polyester making. It’s a thermal insulated panel that can keep 85%-99% sunlight away from your room.

It also includes the Triple-weave Blackout Fabric Construction that helps block up to 100% UV rays. So it’s a perfect addition for day sleepers, napping children, and shift workers.

Yakamok Curtains 1 1
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More Benefits

There’s more to the benefits of these soft, elegant, and functional curtains. Besides, room darkening and thermal insulation show an amazing performance with noise reduction, energy efficiency, and privacy protection. So you can stay away from frustration and disturbances to enjoy precious moments with your loved ones and a night of rejuvenating sleep.

Yakamok Curtains
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Modern Design

The Yakamok blackout curtain panels also ensure that you live in an artistic atmosphere. With its classic design, you can add a traditional, contemporary, vintage rustic, and victorian style to your home. The same materials in the back and front make it appear more even and elegant.

The fabric is also machine washable, making it a breeze to care for.

Curtains collection
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Package Includes

You get two panels of curtains with each package. Each of these Blackout Curtains measures 52″ W x 84″ L. Each panel drape has eight elegant grommets with an inner diameter of 1.6″. They’re straightforward to install & slide.

What Customers Say


  • Excellent fabrics.
  • Stunning design & true to color.
  • Easy to put on and off with the oversized grommets.
  • Highly efficient in keeping the light out and reducing outside noise.


  • It could be a little short of a perfect blackout curtain but still darkens the room satisfactorily.

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Deconovo Blackout Curtains Grommets with Dots Pattern

Thermal Insulated Drapes for Bedroom and Sliding Glass Door 52 x 84 Inch Grey 2

Do you want to feel cozy in the daylight? And not wait for nights to have a cheerful atmosphere? Then check out the Deconovo Blackout Curtains right up! It isn’t just one of the best light-blocking curtains you’ll find around but also one that can lessen heat loss and noise when required. There’s a lot to talk about this product here. Check them out below.

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Perfect Decorative Aspect

Deconovo Blackout Curtains aren’t only functional but also good enough with the decorative aspect of any room. They come with a striking Dotted Wave Line Pattern to depict strong attachments between you and your loved ones. When you hang these light-blocking panels, you’ll experience an enhanced room setting with a cheerful ambiance to live memorable moments with your family and friends.

Great for Saving Energy, Reducing Noise, and Providing Privacy

These thermal insulated curtains can help you save on energy costs. They do that by reducing heat loss during cooler periods while reflecting summer heat. These drapes also block UV rays to keep the atmosphere safe for you & your family. These energy-saving and soundproof curtains lessen the noise from busy streets or disturbing neighbors.

Curtains collection 2
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Deconovo curtains are not see-through, and you get the utmost privacy. They’re perfectly suitable to use in the living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, or office. It’s made to help you achieve your goals with a better night’s sleep, lunch naps, and concentration.

Thoughtful Design

These decorative blackout curtains are available in 2 panels, each measuring 52″ W x 84″ L. They also include two matching tiebacks. Each of these panels has eight stainless silver grommets measuring 1.6″ inner diameter. You can get them in different colors and sizes. The darker the color, the darker your room will be.

Deconovo Blackout Curtains
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Quality Construction

Deconovo blackout panels comprise 100% high-quality polyester fabric. They’re drapery, silky, and soft to the touch. Each of these panels has a foil-printed wave line with a dotted pattern. Moreover, the engineering includes triple weave technology, meaning the curtains are interwoven with three fabric layers to provide maximum durability.

deconovo curtains 1
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What Customers Say


  • Impressive quality and materials.
  • Thick & soft fabric.
  • Beautiful decorative look.
  • It sized well & hung perfectly.
  • Highly functional to block lights.


  • Color might vary slightly from the picture, so choosing the color wisely is recommended.
  • Not machine washable.

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PONY DANCE Bedroom Blackout Curtains

Grey Window Treatments Set Home Decoration Curtains Light Blocking Solid Soft Rod Pocket Drapes for Bedroom Living Room, 42 by 54 in, Gray, 2 Pieces

If “Simple is elegant” is what you believe, PONY DANCE Bedroom Blackout Curtains must be a must-watch for you. Although simplicity is the key to this curtain panel, it’s one of the best light-blocking curtains you’ll find around. This pair of curtains has some excellent features to check out. Let’s see them below.

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Buy & Use

The PONY DANCE Bedroom Blackout Curtains allow you to buy and use them immediately. The package comes with two blackout curtain panels. Its 3″ rod pocket top is compatible with most standard rods. There’s no liner, and it has the same material on each side. You can avail of the curtain in multiple sizes and colors. Now design your home with style and start the journey of coziness.

Soft & Functional Fabric

It adopts the Triple Weave Technology providing soft and super-heavy fabric. The 100% polyester material is soft-to-touch and provides a vertical sense. This superior construction makes it a highly functional one for controlling light.

PONY DANCE Curtains 1 1
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Enhanced Functionalities

The PONY DANCE Blackout Curtains offer excellent light control. It blocks unwanted sunlight or the harsh street light from entering the rooms. The efficiency is 85-95%, and the darker the color, the better it works. It also provides thermal insulation to balance the temperature according to the outside environment. Moreover, it ensures utmost privacy with a solid fabric that no one can see through.

Excellent Value

You should be delighted with the price considering its excellent features and functionalities. It’s also a great value product that protects your floor and furniture from harsh sunlight and saves your heating and cooling costs with the thermal insulation feature. And you can’t ask for more from this multifunctional curtain at such a low price.

Bedroom Curtains
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What Customers Say


  • Exception price tag.
  • Almost total darkness.
  • High-quality, functional fabric.
  • Simple and no fancy design.
  • Comes with all the required accessories.


  • Not the full blackout curtains (the advertisement doesn’t claim it either).

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Intelligent Design Raina Total Blackout Curtains

Metallic Print Grommet Top Window Curtain Panel Thermal Insulated Light Blocking Drape for Bedroom, Living Room, and Dorm, 50×63, Ivory

It’s time to style your creative space with the Intelligent Design Curtains. We have the Raina Collection from Intelligent Design that brings you full blackout window curtains. You couldn’t ask for a more functional and gorgeous-looking curtain like this. And you’ve enough reasons to take a deeper look at this product. Let’s go!

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Contemporary Design

Raina Window Panel Blackout Curtain features a contemporary, on-trend design. Its stunning metallic print in geometric patterns looks fun and eye-catching against the soft, solid-colored ground. It can coordinate perfectly with other furniture while uplifting the overall decor of your room.

Curtains collection 4
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Superior Making

It’s about the design and the superior making that makes it one of the best light-blocking curtains to check out. It comes with an ultimate finish having a 3-pass Foamback Liner. The fabric is weighty and thick to block unwanted light.

Complete Blackout

When you talk about Total Blackout Curtains, this Intelligent Design Curtain comes with an excellent option. The panel provides a complete blackout while providing energy efficiency and utmost privacy. It comes with noise reduction capability to help you enjoy a more calm and quieter atmosphere for more convenience.

Curtains collection 3
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The Raina Total Curtain Panel comes readily available with all the required accessories to help it hang. There’s a grommet top in the curtain featuring silver-finished rings to fit most curtain rods around. This panel is easily accessible to hang open & close throughout the entire day. It’s a single-panel curtain measuring 50″ W x 63″ H. The fabric is machine washable, helping you with easy care.

raina blackout curtain 1
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  • Pretty and sophisticated design.
  • Heavy and thick fabric.
  • Complete blackout efficiency.
  • Easy to use and take care of.


  • It is sold as a single panel.

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LEMOMO Blackout Curtains

52 x 84 inch/Black Curtains Set of 2 Panels/Thermal Insulated Room Darkening Bedroom Curtains

It’s time to check out the Lemomo Stylish Blackout Curtains. It’s a 2-panel curtain set with a solid design and many functional features. So there’s no way you can overlook this product in the list of the best light-blocking curtains. Let’s find out more about these curtains below.

LEMOMO Blackout Curtains
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Superior Making

The Lemomo curtains comprise superior quality with durable, 100% polyester fabric. They’re soft, super smooth, and free from harsh chemicals. The curtains include an innovative triple weave production method to help you maximize the coziness of your living. They’re available in various vibrant and stylish colors. The curtains are ideal for the living room, bedroom, and nursery room. You can also use them as kids’ blackout curtains.

Easy to Use & Care

This set of curtains includes two panels, each measuring 52″ W x 84″ H. eight silver grommets have a 1.6″ inner diameter. So they’re pretty easy to hang and slide.

Moreover, it comes with convenient care instructions. These curtains are machine washable and don’t require much attention for maintenance.

LEMOMO Blackout Curtains 1
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Blackout Curtains & Privacy Maximization

These Blackout Curtains impede 85-99% of lights and 100% of UV rays. The curtains comprise an innovative triple weave manufacturing method. They help maximize your privacy while reducing a huge portion of outside noise to help you sleep better.

More Benefits

The Lemomo curtains include a thermal insulation feature. They keep the atmosphere cool in summers while warm in winters. These curtains are energy savers that also saves you money on additional heating or cooling system. So you get the most comfortable and cheerful time in your den. They also protect your floors, carpets, artwork, and furniture from the ravages of harsh sunlight.

LEMOMO Blackout Curtains 2
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  • Heavy, superior-quality fabric.
  • Excellent for room darkening.
  • Solid, classic design.
  • Perfect thermal insulation and energy-saving features.
  • Great value product.


  • The colors may slightly differ from the picture is real, but that should be insignificant.

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How to make light-blocking curtains?

Gather the blackout lining, curtain-making fabric, and other sewing attachments. Lay the fabric flat on the floor with its right side facing down. Place the blackout lining inside that target fabric with its right side facing up. Afterward, fold the hems over that blackout lining and pin up all the corners & edges. Finally, sew all their edges together to attach the lining to your curtain.

How to attach a blackout lining to curtains without sewing?

There are multiple ways of attaching the blackout lining to the curtains without sewing. The most convenient way to join the blackout lining to the curtains is to use the fusible hemming web. It allows you to combine two fabrics, and you’ve to simply put the hemming web tape connecting both fabrics. Then use a standard iron press until they get perfectly bonded.

What kind of fabric is the best to use for the blackout curtains?

Generally, the blackout curtains use a polyester & cotton weave to retain the softness while filtering the lights out effectively. Polyester is a very comfortable fabric that undergoes an innovative tripe weave manufacturing method.

Do white blackout curtains work?

Yes, they do. Because blocking out light isn’t only about darker colors but also the production method they undergo. The triple weave production method for blackout curtains ensures that the white light-blocking curtains can work effectively.


curtains for bedroom

It’s time to bid goodbye to us. And we’ve also ensured that you bid goodbye to unwanted light and noises with our best light-blocking curtains. We’ve seen some fantastic blackout and room-darkening curtains. There’s a slight difference as the blackout curtains make the room as dark as possible, while the room-darkening ones allow an insignificant amount of light to enter the room. This little light can help your kids take naps without upsetting their circadian rhythm. But if you find pitch dark atmosphere cozier, you should go for the blackout curtains. Make sure the one you choose has a high-quality fabric with triple weave technology. Also, consider the ease of installation and care for your best light-blocking curtains. Finally, wisely pick up the colors and sizes as they can impact the performance of the curtains. Happy Light Blocking!

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