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Online shopping may have some small risks of thieves fraudulently accessing your financial information for their malicious gain. It is necessary to keep your transact safe online when using your credit cards. Technology can save you from the risks, though, when you apply it appropriately. Credit and debit cards like Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, etc. are some of the most common modes of shopping online. Though you may do everything right during online shopping, it doesn’t guarantee safety. Learn how to securely use Payment cards to avoid risks of losing your money or exposing your financial details. 

How do you protect your credit card from fraud when shopping online? There are several ways of shopping securely. Read this article to get some tips to help you Securely use cards on Payment.

use cards on Payment

How to securely use cards on Payment 

Use a credit card online Instead of using a debit card. 

Debit cards do not offer more protection against fraudulent charges than credit cards. The maximum liability to fraudulent charges with a credit card is $50.However, with debit card fraud, your liability will be up to $500. Apart from that, when a debit card is compromised, you may not have access to all the money in your checking account until the bank addresses the fraud issue. You may take s some days before accessing your funds. Credit card fraud charges don’t take anything out of your pocket. You can easily resolve them with your credit card issuer.

How to use cards on Payments

Use your credit card on the website you trust 

Only use your credit card on trusted websites when shopping online. Avoid clicking email links that are coming from untrusted sources. Some links may lead you to a phony website that can maliciously steal your credit card information. 

Typing the URL on your computer browser can be the only sure way of knowing that you are on the right site.

Use credit card on the website

Secure your computer from hackers and viruses 

Load the most recent antispyware and antivirus in your computer to secure it from hackers. Hackers can get your browser details that they may use in getting private details about your credit cards. Get a reputable antivirus! Do not fall for anything that pops up on your screen as antivirus.

Secure computer from hackers and viruses
Safe Tricks

Never make an online purchase using credit on public computers 

Your personal computer is more secure than any public computer and network. Entering your credit card information on a public computer increases the risks of exposing your private financial details to fraud. Some communal computers may have spyware that captures your keystone, log-in information, and other credit card details.

Allowing connection of your computer to public WIFI isn’t safe as using your home WIFi. Hackers can access some wifi signals and intercept the information while on the transmission. Never use a public computer while ordering with your credit cards.

Ensure security to your credit card entry page 

Always ensure that you are entering credit card information on secure website pages. Logging into an insecure website puts your credit card at risk. 

To check your website security, look at the URL and ensure that it begins with HTTPS://. The URL should have a lock next to it to indicate that you are on a secure page. 

Ensure security to your credit card

Print the online credit card payment receipt 

Every moment you use your credit card online, take a screenshot or print the receipt to track your spending details. Periodically compare your billing statement and the receipt to ensure they all tally. If they don’t match or you suspect any fraudulent activity, contact your credit card issuer.

Pay with an additional security layer. 

Some third-party digital wallets such as google pay and apple pay may offer additional security because they don’t give your credit card information to the merchant. They serve up a one-time virtual account number for every purchase. 

Apple doesn’t store or save your account number on your device or even on the apple server.

Not all websites will accept mobile wallet payments. However, your credit card may offer virtual account numbers which work in the same fashion to offer security to your online payment transactions.

Make good use of the card security feature applications

Mobile applications for credit cards have a wide range of security features that you can set up and prevent fraudulent transactions on your account. Some of the features include:

Credit card payment methods

Two-factor authentication 

Setting up the two-factor authentication can help you block any person from getting their hands on your credit card. The feature also adds up an extra security procedure, such as sending a passcode through email or text when accessing your account. For security reasons, never use the same log-in and password on different websites and apps. Mostly avoid repeating your account and log-in details on websites and apps of other merchants.

Account alert 

You can opt to set up an alert email or text for online purchase transactions. You can also have this setting for cases where the transaction or balance exceeds the amount designated. Or just set up an alert for any transaction. It will help you sport any unauthorized transactions and dispute them on time.

Schedule a routine maintenance 

Regularly, update your firewall, antivirus software, and credit card manually or automatically on your device. Safety of your credit card information requires a scheduled maintained effort that includes the following;

Use and change wrong passwords regularly on the credit card merchants and issuers.

Set the time to review credit card statements for the permitted transaction and dispute any fraudulent charges.

Ensuring you keep your contact information up to date on the credit issuers’ website and the app so that you get timely communication in case of fraudulent activities.

Tips for secure in-person payment methods 

Technology is making in-person payment methods more secure than before. If you like making Payments using in-person methods, the following tips can help increase your transactions’ security.

Use credit cards with EMV chip technology. 

Unlike the traditional whipping of credit cards to make an in-person payment, most credit cards are currently featured with the EMV chip technology instead of the magnetic strip. The EMV technology allows the payment terminal to read your unique encrypted card details transmitted by its chip. The one-time-use encrypted information on the card differs in every transaction, which eliminates counterfeit frauds. 

Use credit cards with EMV chip technology.
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Using Credit Cards With Contactless Payment 

EMV chip and pin credit cards use the same technology as contactless payment. With the credit card allowing contactless Payment, you hold it above the payment terminal, which receives the encrypted one-time use code for the transaction.

Using Credit Cards With Contactless Payment

Using payment applications 

Several applications like google pay, apple pay, Facebook pay, and PayPal allow multiple payment methods in a single place for security and convenience. You can enjoy features like notification, fingerprint recognition, and multifactor authentication that offer additional security to your transactions with the application.

For instance, apple pay allows you to set up your touch or face ID. the application also never stores or has access to your payment information. They never retain your transaction details that someone can trace later.

Using payment applications
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What are some of the credit card security measures?

Most credit card companies have invested in technology to increase security measures. Though different companies differ in their measures, the most common technology includes the use of chips inserted into the readers. The technology allows you to make transactions; rather than using a magnetic strip, you must swipe along with the reader. The microchip sends data encrypted in them, ensuring its information security.

The EMV technology is another breakthrough to the safer use of credit cards in preventing theft of information. The technology ensures complete transmission transactions leaving some responsibilities of secure use of their card when transacting online.


With the increase in fraud and cybercrime, people are looking for the safest shipping method online. You can make online transactions with your credit card without compromising the security of its information. Though credit cards may have some additional security features, you also need to practice safety tips to use cards Securely. Never expose any of your card details to anybody or authorize the unknown transaction from your credit card. Pay special attention to the sites you are longing in with your credit card details to avoid risks of fraudulent transactions. If you must make a transaction with your credit card, ensure you are only using your computer and internet connection. Public computers and wifi are not safe.

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