Seven best athletic tapes for athletes

best athletic tapes

Are you an athlete? Or are you trying something new to enhance your performance and preserve your body’s health? Or are you among those simply looking to maintain their fitness and are trying new and trendy exercise preparation methods? Then no wonder the use of athletic tapes is the method that remains effective and has withstood the test of time. From trail stars and NBA players to those only starting up their capability, the athletic tape can help any exerciser enhance their exercise and, supplementary greatly, keep up damage-free.

One facet of the athletic tape benefits is it creates neuro-muscular changes in a specific area. When the athlete feels the tape at certain points on their body, it signals the brain to control that specific part. When they focus control in that particular area while training, the body says to itself that something needs to be changed at that point and then corrects the muscular imbalance that caused injury in the first place. Here are some of the best types of athletic tapes you should consider.

athletic tapes
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Mooerca Adherent Cohesive Wrap Bandages for Wrist

Suppose you are suffering from pain with movement of the wrist, swelling around the wrist joint, brushing or discoloration of the skin, burning or tingling sensations around the wrist, or at least one among them. In that case, you definitely should look forward to using Mooerca Adherent Cohesive Wrap Bandage for alleviating wrist pain. Having athletic tape for your wrist is a must for you if you care about your wrist.

Mooerca Adherent Cohesive Wrap Bandages
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This tape is 2 inches wide. The length of each volume is 5 yards. And the tape comes in 60 yards in total length. And if you are bored with black and white colors, this tape will excite you as it provides different colors along with black and white such as purple, pink, green, blue, orange, etc.

Durable and elastic

The tape contains durable elastic material, which allows the bandage to be applied quickly and easily to almost any body part. It is porous, and light can make the wounded part breathe and is conducive to healing and recovery. But you can also tear the applications without any scissors though it is very durable.

Mooerca Adherent Cohesive Wrap Bandages 2
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Adhesive bandages are made of spongy nonwovens, so they will give you comfort while using. They are light in weight and breathable. So they are less irritating during exercise or sports games and activities. Since it is flexible and suitable for any form, the automatic grip bandage is suitable for wrapping fingers and toes, ankles, wrists, elbows, knees, and pets. So basically, you can use it in many ways.

High Precision Material  

This adhesive bandage is completely safe for the skin because it can provide good ventilation. In addition, its durable elastic material allows the bandage to be applied quickly and easily on your wrist. You don’t even need scissors to tear it. You can just tear the bandage by hand and wrap your wrist.

Mooerca Adherent Cohesive Wrap Bandages 1
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Multifunctional bandage

The elastic bandage helps protect bandage packages, relieve swelling and promote healing. So it’s an ideal choice to help in tension or when you have a sprain. It can be used for children, and also you can apply them to your pets as well.

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Kinesiology Tape for shoulder

Kinesio tape is an athletic tape for the shoulder that is reinforced, lightweight elastic sports and fitness tape which can be applied along shoulders, muscles, tendons, and ligaments to provide support while recovering from a trauma. Kinesiology tape has become an outstanding technique to purportedly improve athletic performance and prevent and treat musculoskeletal injuries since its appearance in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. It was developed in the 1970s. Kinesiology tape can stretch up to 140% of its original length and provide a constant skin shear force.

Kinesiology Tape for shoulder 2
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Kinesio Pre-Cut Shoulder Support supports shoulder muscles, treats rotator cuff injuries, and relieves shoulder pain. Each pack contains a single-use, customizable set of tape strips and instructions. Each shoulder support application comes with one black I-strip, one blue I-strip, and one blue Y-strip cut from genuine Kinesio Tex tape Gold.


A kinesiology tape has the dimensions of 6.75 × 2.5 × 0.25 inches, and it weighs 0.64 ounces.


Kinesiology tape was developed with claims that its application can help to relieve pain, increase joint stability, increase strength, improve lymph and blood circulation, and improve joint position sense. KT tape is used primarily to furnish strength, assistance, and structural alignment in the shoulder. This particular tape enhances pain and stimulates recovery by empowering strength, support, and neutral alignment.

You may feel pain only when you move your shoulder or all of the time. Shoulder pain can stem from many different causes, including overexertion, tendonitis from overuse, shoulder joint fluctuation, dislocation, or lifted nerves. Often the actual cause of pain is hard to define. So whether you buy, want to lift, throw, shake hands, or salute, Kinesio Dynamic Shoulder Support is there to help you maintain your daily activities.

Kinesiology Tape for shoulder
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Benefits of this athletic tape

Kinesiology tape is very handy, and if you are an athlete and you must exercise daily, then it is a must-have tape to ease you from your pain. 

Support – Kinesio Pre-Cut tape strips target specific body areas, including the back, neck, shoulder, knee, wrist, and foot. Each tape kit provides Unique support for minor pain and strains while decreasing swelling and brushing.

Simplicity – Easily apply kinesiology tape without assistance from a medical professional. Each packet contains single-use, customizable tape strips and step-by-step application instructions.

Care – Enhance active recovery and performance with a Pre-Cut Kinesio Tape kit that contains exactly what you need to alleviate pain. Kits include I, Y, and Fan-style strips that impact tendons, ligaments, fascia, and even deep muscle tissue.

Kinesiology Tape for the Rotator Cuff

The rotator cuff is the group of muscles and tendons that stabilize the shoulder. These muscles are relatively small yet are extremely important in all shoulder movements. They start at the shoulder blade and connect to the upper arm in a fashion that forms a “cuff” to provide the needed stability and mechanics of the shoulder. To further explain the vital nature of these muscles, understand that the shoulder joint is much like a golf ball sitting on a tee. This design is necessary for the wide range of motion needed from the arm but inherently creates a relatively unstable joint. The rotator cuff muscles are responsible for this unstable state. Early diagnosis and action are essential to prevent irreparable damage. Kinesiology Tape can be really helpful during the healing process to create stability, relieve pressure, increase circulation, and rest are essential and should be combined with NSAIDs to combat inflammation and pain. You can use Kinesiology Tape to help support the shoulder in a retracted position. It helps to relieve discomfort and improve recovery for your Rotator Cuff injury. Kinesiology Tape is water-resistant, so you can use it during strenuous exercise.

Kinesiology Tape for shoulder 1
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Kinesiology Tape for Shoulder Stability

 Shoulder pain has many different root causes but is almost associated with anterior shoulders. Muscle imbalances, notably overly strong or tight muscles in the chest and corresponding weak muscles in the back, can aggravate this issue and exacerbate poor posture. Poor biomechanics in the hips, legs, or torso can further upset the fluid movement of the shoulder and incite pain. Retracting the shoulders will almost always create more joint space and relieve the stress and pain in the shoulder. So you must use this Kinesiology Tape application to bring the shoulders back to a normal set, take pressure off of the upper back muscles, and lengthen out the muscles in the chest. The result will be more joint space and less pressure on the already painful area. In addition, this kinesiology Tape application will serve you as a gentle reminder to the muscles to keep the shoulder back in the healthy set.

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Mueller MTape Athletic Tape for ankle

Ankle injuries can happen to you in several different ways. They can occur during an acute injury or a sudden rolling or twisting of the ankle. These types of injuries can normally involve great pain and swelling. These athletic tapes for the ankle are essential to get rid of injuries; the first strip applied will help keep the foot even and decrease your tendency to suffer another sprain. The second and third strips will provide you with excellent proprioceptive stability.

Mueller best Athletic Tapes
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Mueller MTape Athletic tape provides additional athletic support and helps prevent injuries to knees, ankles, wrists, and fingers. These are 100 percent cotton backcloth zinc oxide athletic trainers tape. The white, bleached tape features high tensile strength with excellent tackiness and conformability. Easy handling, easy unwinding to the core. 

Functions and Benefits

This application can be used for ankle issues, including ankle sprains, stretched ligaments, inflamed tendons, or general ankle weakness. The added support will give you confidence and support during the rehabilitation phase of an injury and stability and pain relief during physical activity.

Mueller MTape Athletic Tape 1
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Injury Prevention

Ankle taping can help you support your ankle joint and supportive ligaments during athletic activity. For example, if you make quick movements or run on an uneven surface, you may want to give your ankles a little more durability and support. In addition, it’s pretty common to see football players with their ankles taped for an extra layer of injury protection. And these particular tapes provide that protection.

Post-Injury Stability 

Taping can help to provide extra stabilization, which is especially important if you’re working your way back from an ankle sprain or ankle instability. Any extra help you can provide your recovering ankle ligaments will help keep your ankle stable. Ankle taping is great at preventing injuries in healthy athletes, but it also helps keep recovering athletes from suffering a setback.

Mueller MTape Athletic Tape 2
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Swelling Reduction

Mueller taping is a type of taping that helps take the stress off an injured area by encouraging lymphatic flow. Swelling and bruising in an area is common after acute trauma, but this response by your body can slow down the healing process. Your lymph system carries white blood cells to an injury site while also clearing waste and dead cells from an area, so by taping in a certain manner to improve lymph nodes flow, the swelling can soak, and healing can run its course sooner.

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McDavid Zinc Oxide Knee Tape

McDavid Zinc Oxide Knee Tape
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Are you in search of some amazing stuff for supporting your knee from injury? Then McDavid Zinc Oxide tapes are some of the most popular athletic tapes for knees available on the market. 

best athletic tapes

McDavid offers a range of specially designed tape suitable for anything from a simple knee sprain to complete ligament tears. They are designed to provide durability and long-lastingness, and they are very simple to use.

The McDavid tape is specially shaped to guarantee it fits well, which you don’t always get with reasonable brands. You can use this application for mild knee pain or arising an injury, or with endless knee problems. It’s great to have them in the first-aid kit.

Functions and Benefits

They assist the muscles and ligaments by giving compression to the knee. And help to improve circulation by maintaining heat which promotes smooth healing.

Support knees while running.

McDavid tape is best for minimizing pain and maximizing performance in sports. They provide knee support for all types of sports. You can relax if you have this application, no matter what the game is.

McDavid Zinc Oxide Knee Tape 2
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Compression knee support

One of the major benefits of good knee support is compression. This tape helps relieve pain or irritation caused by injury or any disease. On top of that, compression knee support boosts your knee, preventing suffering caused by collision or other dangers during sports or daily activities.

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Wrapping Cramer Tape for ankle

Cramer athletic tape serves all of the purposes of supporting knees without the downsides of bracing or wrapping. Common injuries such as runner’s knees or patellar tendonitis, jumper’s knee, patella tracking, arthritis, meniscus tears, plica, patellofemoral pain, and general instability can be best addressed by using the knee support application. In addition, wrapping your ankle with athletic tape is needed if you want to protect your ankle from injuries.

Wrapping Cramer Tape for ankle
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Hampton Adams Black tape

Hampton Adams white tape

Hampton athletic tapes
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Hampton Adams athletic tape protects joints from injury and sprains and provides support to help speed recovery after injury. They are also used on equipment, such as baseball bats, hockey sticks, barbells, and more. This athletic tape comes in two color varieties- Hampton Adams Black Tape and Hampton Adams White Tape. Black and White athletic tape should have a special chamber in your first aid box.


It is made of the cotton substrate, soft and comfortable, has good tensile strength, is Nonelastic, and provides maximum compression. You can easily tear by hand lengthwise and widthwise. Despite bringing strong and reliable stickiness, constant unwinding tension leaves no residue on body parts.

Hampton Adams Black tape 1
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They can be used for several purposes- 

  • Supporting bandages for strains and sprains
  • Fixing bandages for hot, cold packs
  • Compression bandage to help control swelling and stop bleeding

HAMPTON Sports Athletic tape provides additional athletic support and helps prevent injuries to knees, ankles, wrists, elbows, and fingers. Tears easily by hand along length and width; No scissors required.

Conforms easily to your skin. Perfect for physical therapy rehabilitation: No skin irritation. Nonelastic, rigid tape adheres strongly but unwinds easily and consistently to the core.

Hampton Adams Black tape
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Strong support bandaging and provide firm support to ankles, wrists, hands, and different body parts. Will not transfer even under the most adverse conditions.

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However, athletic tapes are part and parcel of an athlete’s life. Even if you are not an athlete, just practicing it all by yourself, you can’t go a day without using them. Athletic tape ensures the protection of sensitive muscles of the body; bringing the tape makes sure that the muscles are working just fine.

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