Reviewing Google Pixelbook and Its Accessories

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The Google Pixelbook is the first Chromebook worthy of comparison with the top-end Mac and Windows devices. Its marvelous design and enormous software enhancements make it the best Chromebook to date.

The Chromebook lovers always had that demand for a premium level Chromebook, and here it is from Google itself as the Pixelbook. The Google Pixel book brings it all for you both in performance and compatibility that the previous Chromebooks only hoped for.

You can say that Google Pixelbook is a laptop more than a laptop. This is a 2-in-1 laptop that offers the taste of Android while keeping the Chrome OS package intact.

The Pixelbook comes with a pen that enhances your digital experience by helping you get rid of the unwanted hassles you may face while using Android apps on your laptop.

Now there are a lot of things to speak about this amazing device. It iFirst, itan especially powerful hardware configuration such as the latest Intel Kaby Lake Processors and a stunning  2,400 x 1,600 display. It’s a truly amazing combination of design, performance, and price. You may find it a little expensive in general, but when you compare this to the similarly specced devices, you will surely find it a great value for money.

There are some more reasons why you must go with the Pixelbook if you’re looking for a great Chromebook or a 2-in-1 laptop. We’ll briefly mention some of these to get into the details later in the review section.


When years of devotion and dedication pay off for something outstanding, then you come up with something as great as the Google Pixelbook. The unified design efforts show up to tell you how deep Google has gone with its design philosophy. They’ve given importance to every detail to make it look stunning and remarkable while still keeping its user-friendliness in mind. You will love to see its composition with the polished aluminum frame, flush edges, rubberized underside, and palm rest. This will make you realize how well researched the Google Pixel book design is.

The placement of ports, webcam, audio jack, and speakers in the device will surely give you the ultimate experience of having a thin and lightweight notebook while having all the necessities.

The glass trackpad on the upside of the notebook is a pleasure for smooth and precise touch gestures for the single-and-multi touching experience. 


One of the best things about this device is its keyboard which is probably the best one you’d ever use. The well-spaced keys with 0.8mm travel make this backlit keyboard a delight to use. It also has that nice and subtle clicking sound that is very satisfying and gives you joy while you type something on it.


Regarding its display, how can this not satisfy you as it comes with the name (Pixelbook) specified for earning you ‘pixels.’ It does this with its 3:2 display @ 235ppi with great color reproduction, giving tough competition to its rivals like MacBook Pro and Surface Pro.

The panel is amazing for photos, movies, and even photo editing. The display comes out great to every touch, especially under the Pixelbook Pen.

Google Pixelbook
Image Source: Keith I Myers

PixelBook Pen:

One of the best things that the Pixelbook comes with is the Pixelbook Pen; however, it is a matter of great regret that it is not included in the Pixelbook price. But again, it’s worth paying some extra bucks for this special pen to get a beautiful experience of the amazing Google  Chromebook. 

This pen offers a great pressure response and the tilt support that helps you draw on the screen with pleasure. In addition, the snappy response of the display makes the digital ink follow so closely behind the pen that no delay is experienced. 

The Pixelbook pen can be very handy, particularly for students, but every user will be benefitted from it. Especially for its incorporation with the Google Assistant. This one sits on a single button which is the Google Assistant button. Pressing the button and turning the ink will result in blue ink. Anything encircled inside this blue ink will be sent to Google Assistant to analyze and present whatever it has about this on Google’s server. You can circle almost anything to get information out of it as Google has it all for you.

Google Keep will track the pen input record whenever you use it and whatever you use it for. The Pixelbook Pen’s scrawlings can be turned into traditional text with the help of some of the apps as well. 

There are a couple of shortcomings that Google should have looked into their Pixelbook Pen to make it more worthy of use. One is its attachment place with the Pixelbook as you will find no way to attach the Pen to the device; another one is the lack of a rechargeable battery as it uses AAAA batteries. 

Google Assistant:

Having Google Assistant by you is always a great company for your digital experience. You can activate this service with a dedicated button or use your voice if you do not want to use your Pixelbook Pen. If you’ve used Google Assistant on your android phone, you should know that it works the same way. 


It cannot be denied that Pixelbook is an expensive Chromebook option. The price generally ranges between $999 and $1699, excluding the $99 Pixelbook Pen (Price might change slightly). The more high-end configuration you want, the higher the price is. However, for such a price, you can be assured that they come up with the best hardware specifications and chips available on the market. You may get the Samsung or Asus Chromebook for a little less money, but they will be left far behind if you compare the Pixelbook with them. The low heat processor, fanless chassis design, powerful performance, and overall stunning design make it an excellent choice for you. This Pixelbook is from the mother brand of the Chrome OS platform itself. So it would help if you did not worry about its performance at all.

After this brief discussion on the comprehensive Google Pixel book, we will be looking into some of its specific models and other important accessories to guide you further to buy one according to your requirement and budget. 

Reviewing The Google Pixelbook and Its Accessories

Google Pixelbook i5 – 8 GB RAM, 128GB

This is a high-performance Chromebook with a powerful configuration. If you’re planning to switch to Chrome OS from windows Surface Pro or MacBook Pro, this is the right option for getting an ultimate 2-in-1 laptop experience. The price may seem higher, but if you want to afford a premium Chromebook, you should not mind paying this extra money. In addition, it comes with some great features that we will be discussing below.

Built-in Google Assistant

Pixelbook is the first laptop to have a built-in Google Assistant. Google Assistant here is the same what Siri is for Apple Computing devices. You can have this guide ready for you by pressing the Google Assistant key on the keyboard or by simply saying, “Ok, Google.” It can be a great feature for the students and all the learners as you can quickly get your answers, get your things done, manage daily activities, and more. It’s just like having a personal assistant for you. The Google Assistant also incorporates the Pixelbook Pen, which is not included with the Pixelbook price. Using the Pen, you can encircle any text or images while pressing and holding on Google Assistant to get information about the encircled object from google.

Top-End Configuration

The Google Pixelbook is built for speed with the Intel 7th Gen Core i5 processors. This makes your multitasking experience smooth and faster whether you are browsing or using any applications. It comes with the standard RAM size of 8GB. However, you can increase or decrease it according to your needs and budget. This goes the same for the storage, where the standard storage for this model is 128GB which is changeable on either side. 

An All-day Battery with Super Fast Charging

The battery is a great advantage of this device as it can help you get along for straight ten hours, so there is no need to worry about outlets while you move around with the Pixelbook. Even if you need to charge it up, you need to allow a 15-minutes charging to have it used for two hours. It comes with super-fast charging technology to make charging easy for you.

 Adaptive 4-in-1 design

How great it could be to have a device with a laptop, tent, tab, and entertainment modes all in one place. With the adaptive design of the Google Pixel book, you can now seamlessly switch among any of these modes you want. Your favorite apps like Gmail, Drive, Youtube, Photos, Evernote, etc., are only one touch away from getting started in this classic device.

Pro-Level Design

Making it even more comfortable is its ultra-thin unibody measuring only 10.3mm. The lightweight design weighs only 2.45 lbs with a 12.3” * 360” fully touchscreen display. The sleek aluminum body, a backlit keyboard, and corning gorilla glass add a great plus to its design.

Powered By Chrome OS

With the domination of Chrome OS among the computing device today, you cannot ask for anything better than the Pixelbook from Google itself. This is a very user-friendly OS that is fast and secure as well. It automatically updates to keep all the software updated and lets you stay safe from viruses. Moreover, it starts in only 10 seconds and stays fast during all your workday.


If you have had enough of Windows or Mac and looking to get into the world of Chrome OS, then the Google Pixelbook would probably be the best choice for you to get started. It can be a productivity monster built with future-oriented design specifications. If you want some blend of your android phone and laptop, then this 2-in-1 device will surely give you the taste of both.

Its Stunning design, excellent specifications, super fast speed, great battery, built-in Google Assistant and google apps, and other amazing features make it a standout option in the laptop market. The only thing that might worry you is the price tag of almost $1000. But having been known about this as a premium Chromebook, you should go for it, and you will surely not regret it as it provides the right value for money.

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i5 – 8 GB RAM, 256GB

This Google Pixelbook is almost the same as we just reviewed above. If you’re a gadget lover, you always crave upgrading your gadget configuration. So with this option of the premium Chromebook from Google, you have a few options to get an upgraded version of the previously mentioned one by paying some extra bucks. We’ll be talking about the upgraded configuration of the Pixelbook below alongside its regular features.

Regular Features of The Google Pixelbook

We’ll not go into the details of the regular features that the Google Pixelbook offers as we’ve already discussed them earlier. Instead, we’ll have a glimpse of those in this section. Apart from the top-end configuration, the things that will amaze you about this Pixelbook are its thin and lightweight design and 4-in-1 adaptive modes where you can use it as a laptop, tent, tablet, or entertainment device. In addition, getting access to popular android apps, using them without lag, and commanding them with the amazing backlit keyboard and comfortable touchpad gives the delight to use the Pixelbook.

Other features that should amaze you are its built-in google assistant feature, long-lasting battery, and fast-charging technology. These features should suffice your need to go for this premium Chromebook. 

Talking About The Configuration

As we’ve discussed earlier that the Google Pixelbook comes with some top-end configuration that makes it a premium Chromebook for you. Earlier, we talked about the 7th Gen Intel Core i5 processors with 128GB of storage and 8GB RAM. This particular model comes with the 256GB storage version making it more convenient for you to store your important data. This should be a plus for the Pixelbook version to become your ultimate choice.

Additional Offers

You can also avail of this Pixelbook along with the exclusive Pixelbook Pen and an extra 45W USB Type-C Charger. The Pixelbook Pen is a very handy and smart option to go for. This responsive pen can work with Google Assistant and let you design, write, and draw naturally.


The verdict is pretty simple for this one. If you can afford a little more money, then go for this larger storage Google Pixelbook and enjoy the great experience of a Chromebook. Also, having the Pixelbook Pen can add to your joy if you can afford to have one.

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i7 – 16 GB RAM, 512 GB

The up-gradation continues, and now we look into some premium configurations for this premium Chromebook. First, we’ve seen Intel i5 Core Processors, 8GB RAM, and 128/256Gb Storage for the Google Pixelbook; now, we’ll be moving with the most high-end Google Pixelbook configuration. Before that, we’ll look around its general features, which are not different from the previously mentioned ones. 

There’s nothing new to add to the features list for this particular model of Google Pixelbook except its high-end configuration regarding its processor, memory, and storage. If you are high on a budget, you should watch this highly configured Pixelbook. 

This will give you great performance along with its amazing look. Using different applications and multitasking will be easy in all four different modes. This is light in weight but heavy in performance with some great specifications. With such configuration, you will have a better experience with your apps, Google Assistant, Pixelbook Pen.

i7-16GB-512GB: Good Enough For Almost Anything

With an Intel 7th Gen Core i7 processor, you can surely expect great performance with this Pixelbook. Moreover, if you have a RAM of 16GB and an SSD storage of 512 GB, this will surely be enough for almost anything that a Chromebook can have. Especially if you’re an Android gamer, this device is the best choice for you. With ease, you can also do your office work like preparing documents sheets or using other enterprise applications in the Google Pixelbook. Remember, this one has a larger memory, storage, and better speed, so what else do you want? 

You can also avail of a fast 45W USB Type-C Charger and a Pixelbook Pen to have a better experience with this Pixelbook.


Again, a simple verdict. If you have enough money to afford this $1400 Google Pixelbook with the i7 processor, 16 GB RAM, and 512 GB storage, then look no further and grab it as early as possible.

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Google Pixelbook Pen

You have been reading about the Google Pixelbook Pen for quite a while now. It’s time to introduce you to this amazing pen that you can use along with your Pixelbook for a great experience. 

Digital Yet Natural

The Pixelbook Pen is a pressure-responsive pen that supports tilt to help you write, design, and draw naturally. It will make you feel like a true pen. You can take your notes anytime you want. You can capture any idea or draw a sketch with the Pixelbook Pen and save it in Google Keep without even unlocking your Pixelbook.

A Smart Assistant

It is a smartpen that works with Google Assistant to give you more information, especially if you are a student. So you encircle anything with the Pixelbook Pen while pressing and holding the Google Assistant button; it’s going to bring all the information about that encircled thing from Google’s Server.

Issues Need To Improve

However, there are a few aspects of this pen that need improvements. First of all, it is excluded from the Pixelbook price. Although paying some extra money is quite worthwhile for something like this. Another issue with this pen is that there is no way to attach it with the Google Pixelbook, which means you need to carry it separately. Finally, the lack of rechargeable batteries is a big issue as these AAAA batteries do not last long.


The Pixelbook Pen is an excellent option for the extensive experience of Google Pixelbook. It works accurately with very little lag time. So it can come out very handy for the one who needs to write or keep notes regularly. But unfortunately, it has some issues like its battery and attachment issue. However, having the Pixelbook Pen can complement your experience, so going for it is not a bad idea either. 

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Pixelbook 45W USB Type-C Charger

One accessory that you cannot but have for your Google Pixelbook is the adapter to keep your device charged for uninterrupted tasking. However, if you do run out of the adapter, we have included this very important accessory in our review list to keep you get going with your Pixelbook experience. 

Powerful Adapter

This powerful adapter is not particularly designed for the Pixelbook. Rather, it works with all USB C devices. Hence, this adapter is capable enough for being an ally to your Pixelbook. With the Power Moreover, with very a 3.0 and 45W output capacity, this sleek-looking adapter can take your Pixelbook to fully charged battery status. 

Worth it

You may find it a little pricey, but it’s worth it as you don’t want to take a chance with your pretty expensive Pixelbook. Its sleek design looks great, and the long cable allows you to use your device even from a fair distance to the outlet. The plug also folds down into the adapter making things more convenient. It’s tiny enough to let you carry it even in the pocket of your jacket or backpack.


It is a great adapter and will surely work as expected. Having a fast charging adapter for your Google Pixelbook is very important. You can use two hours by charging it for only 15 minutes. This will help you to have uninterrupted work experience.

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There is no doubt that Google Pixelbook is a premium Chromebook. You can surely compare this with the most top-end Mac and devices. From its grand design to its enriched software arrangements, almost everything seems to be great about this. However, you still want a few things to improve regarding its price that should be more reasonable and the Pixelbook Pen, which should have a better battery and attachment option. We hope this has been a complete and convincing guide for you about the Pixelbook.

Our review will also follow the most anticipated version of Google’s Chromebook series, Google Pixelbook 2, as soon as it releases. Finally, if you are a Google Nexus lover and have an eye on google’s Pixel phones, then keep your eyes open for our next review, where we’ll review Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 from Google Nexus. Till then, it’s goodbye!

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