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Portable Digital Luggage Weight Scale min

Have you ever been fined at the airport for exceeding the weight limit for your luggage? Now you can travel smartly and confidently by buying a luggage weighing scale that will tell you the actual weight of your things. People who travel by plane regularly understand how important and useful it is to have a luggage scale. Each of us has experienced the problem of overpacking while checking our bags at the airport at some point. And everyone knows how much of a penalty and fee the airlines charge for each additional kilogram you bring with you. As a result, investing in a good luggage scale allows you to reduce or increase the size of your luggage according to the airline’s requirements.

The luggage scale conveys quick and accurate readings and is quite convenient to carry because of its compact size. A battery (or two) is required to make it work. As a result, we’ve made a list of our best luggage scales for your next trip, business conference, or adventure getaway.

Luggage Weight Scale
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How to Operate

Use a digital luggage scale and avoid paying overweight luggage fees by checking the weight of your bag before going to the airport. This weight bags up to 85 pounds quickly and easily. Loop the strap around the handle and flip it back onto the hook. Lift, keeping the scale perpendicular to the ground; the LCD screen will display the weight for 10 seconds; the weight can be displayed in either pounds or kilogram. It is so small and lightweight and makes the perfect travel companion. It has a battery icon to charge this device and is powered by an included coin cell battery.

Luggage Weight Scale 2
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Digital or Analog?

The analog weighing scale’s architecture allows it to work with mechanisms and mechanical benefits. Analog weighing scales are less accurate in terms of measuring values. Over time, the weighing scale’s precision and repeatability deteriorate, becoming incorrect. Analog weighing scales run without a power supply and are ideal for short-term weighing applications. The design and construction of digital weighing scales allow them to function on AC/DC or battery power. To compute the load measurement, digital weighing scales employ load cells such as strain gauge load cells or resistance load cells. An electronic computer circuit inside the weighing scale converts the load measurement to relevant units.

weight scale
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Etekcity Luggage Scale

This digital portable handheld suitcase weight machine is for travel. It has rubber paint and a temperature sensor. It weighs only 2 ounces. The material is metal. The batteries are included.

Etekcity Luggage Scale
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The scale contains a high-quality LCD with several weight units: kg, lb, and the temperature of your location. The scale is low in weight, has a compact capacity, and is easy to transport. You may switch on the scales and change the weight units with the push of a button. The rubber paint includes a high-precision strain sensing system. This scale is appropriate for home, business, tourism, and outdoor activities.

Etekcity Luggage Scale 1
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Designed for Travel

It has a rubber-textured grip surface and a high-accuracy sensor capacity of 110 pounds/50 kilograms. The graduation is 0.1 pound/50 grams. Before you stand in line, hook your suitcase for fast weight. In this way, you can avoid overweight fees. Before traveling, weigh yourself and make sure the scale fits in your pockets without adding too much weight.

Etekcity Luggage Scale 2
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Suitable in any Environment

In both F° and C°, a thermometer temperature sensor is used. You may be certain that your sensitive luggage is in the best possible environment. To save time and energy, tare and auto-off functions are provided. Overload and low battery warnings; Weight results are automatically locked.

Etekcity Luggage Scale 3
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  • Durable design
  • Low battery indication
  • Multiple uses


  • Available at a lower price from other sellers that may not offer free Prime shipping.

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Amazon Basics Portable Digital Luggage Weight Scale

This Luggage measuring scale is available in black. The material is metal, and its weight is 0.21 pounds. 

Flexible Features

A compact digital luggage scale can help you avoid excess baggage fees when traveling. It has a maximum load of 110 lbs. (50 kg) and an easy-to-read digital display. The strap is flexible and has a sturdy metal connector.

weight scale 2
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Easy to Measure

Switching between units of measurement (lb. or kg) is easy with the push-button interface. The Zero/Tare function returns the scale to zero in an instant. There are low-battery and error indications; a CR2032 battery is supplied.

weight scale 3
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Small and light enough to pack for travel

You need this suitcase weigher in your life if you’re someone who frequently exceeds luggage weight limits. You won’t have to pay overweight baggage fees if you use this to raise your bags. You’ll need to be rather strong; basically, you’ll hook the strap over the handle of whatever you’re weighting, then raise straight up a few inches until the luggage is off the ground and hanging on the strap.

weight scale 4
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  •  Small and excellent
  •  Very Handy, Accurate, and Simple operation. Switch KG to LB at any time.
  • Holds reading so that you can check without rush


  • It will turn it off automatically after 60 seconds.

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Travelon Stop & Lock Luggage Scale

This handheld luggage scale is made of plastic and metal and weighs only 0.1 pounds. It is available in black color.


The tiny and portable luggage scale measures up to 75 lbs./34 kg, saving you money on overweight or oversize baggage fees. Before removing baggage from the hanging hook, wait for the dial to stop and lock at the weight. The scale is reset to zero with a simple twist, and you’re ready to weigh another bag. To verify the overall size, use a tape measure.

Lock Luggage Scale
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Simple and Affordable

The Travelon Stop-N-Lock Luggage Scale is a simple, cost-effective way to prevent pre-trip packing uncertainty and expensive overweight luggage fines. This luggage scale includes a revolutionary stop and lock mechanism that makes it simple to use. Two hands keep track of the bag’s weight, and the second-hand stops and locks at that weight, allowing you to set the luggage down and read the dial. It also comes with a tape measure to ensure the bags aren’t too big. Take it with you on your journey to avoid tipping the scales on your return.

Lock Luggage Scale 1
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  • There’s also a tape measure to ensure the bags aren’t too big.
  • Save money on large or overweight luggage fees.
  • Weighs luggage up to 75 pounds on a small and compact scale.


  • You have to pick up the luggage very slow and smoothly. If there’s a bit of a snack or bounce, that’s where the needle goes.

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SHANJE Travel Digital Hanging Scales

It is 110lbs. Large precision travel luggage scale. 

Easy Procedure

With just one button, you may change the unit of measurement (lb., g, oz, kg). The electronic scale has a measuring inaccuracy of roughly 1 oz (30 g ). Using a CR2032 battery is both portable and useful.

Lock Luggage Scale 2
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Lanyard and hook may be swapped, and the measurement results will not be affected; it’s the same as having two travel scales. Electronic scale with tare function, 1.18 * 0.63In bright and legible green LCD backlight display, may be used at any time of day or night.

Lock Luggage Scale 3
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Three-Dimensional Design The main part is around 5.71.851.14 inches long, and the belt is about 8.3 inches long. The compact electronic scale weighs roughly 3.5 ounces. The stainless steel surface is ergonomically constructed, so the hanging words are perfect for palms, making people feel at ease, and are highly popular.

Lock Luggage Scale 4
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Purpose of use

Suitcase electronic scale, tiny size, low weight, simple to carry, will not cause you too much difficulty with weight and travel volume. This item is appropriate for fishing, shopping, travel, the house, and courier services, among other things. Suitable for Christmas, Halloween, and other occasions.

Lock Luggage Scale 6
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Extremely reliable

The maximum measurement weight is 110 pounds/50 kilograms, which you can easily measure in most countries and avoid paying more for postage while going internationally. Please maintain equilibrium during the measurement procedure so that the measured value can be precise; shaking will render the data unreliable.

Lock Luggage Scale 5
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  • Accurate and easy to use
  • Hook and lanyard can be used in exchange.
  • Peeling function available


  • This weighing scale can not weigh stuff over 50kgs.
Lock Luggage Scale 7
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Swiss Gear Luggage Scale

The material of this portable baggage scale is plastic, and it is available in grey color. 

All in one combo

To avoid overweight/oversize charges, use this all-in-one combination machine to weigh and measure your baggage. The lock-in-place dial locks at the weight for easy viewing and quickly resets to zero.

Swiss Gear
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Simple to use

Insert the hook under the bag handle and pull the bag off the ground. The scale can hold up to 83 pounds of weight. The tape measure is 40″ long. Because of its small size, you may carry the luggage scale with you and use it on your return journey as well.

Swiss Gear 1
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There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to checking your luggage and boarding your airline. Nobody enjoys arriving at the airport only to realize that their luggage exceeds the airline’s weight restriction or, even worse, arriving at their gate only to discover that their carry-on bag is larger than the plane permits. Our all-in-one baggage scale and measuring tape helps you prevent unpleasant travel surprises by allowing you to determine the precise weight and dimensions of your filled luggage before you fly. The baggage weight scale is simple and measures suitcases up to 83 pounds. Place the scale’s metal hook under the handle of your luggage and pull it off the ground after it’s packed.

weight scale 5
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  • Good for occasional use, ideal for weighing luggage under 40lbs
  • Low tech is perfect.


  • Weighing results differ per pound. 
  • You can only focus on the red arrow – the black one can run very far.
weight scale 6
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 CT-ENERGY Digital Luggage Weight Scale for Traveler Suitcases

This 110lbs mini pocket size hanging weighing scale is highly precise in a 0.1lb, Lir2032 rechargeable coin battery charger set.

Sensor with high accuracy

With a stylish backlit LED display, it’s accurate to 0.1lb/50g weigh and has a capacity of 110lb/50kg. In low light, it’s simple to read.

Swiss Gear Luggage Scale
Image Source: Amazon.com

Travel weight with ease

This luggage scale features an energy-saving mode, low battery and overload indicators, and an auto-off feature after 30 seconds. Please take notice! When using the electronic luggage scale, it must be balanced horizontally. Otherwise, the weighing precision will be compromised.

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Save money on overweight fees.

Bags that fit in your pocket Before you check-in, use the scale to weigh your luggage, so you don’t have to pay any unexpected overweight luggage or bag penalties.

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Travelers, Courier Companies, Travel Agents, Airlines, Markets, Households, and others will benefit from this hanging scale. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket and take with you everywhere you go!

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Includes battery and charger

1 LIR2032 battery and charger set is included with this smart luggage scale.

Charging is simple and convenient. Please save your money and use it whenever and wherever you choose.

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  • Convenient to carry
  • Cool Backlight LCD Display
  • 30″ Auto-off
  • Cheap and usable at any place


  • It must be balanced horizontally when you use the electronic baggage scale.
  • Otherwise, it will affect the accuracy of the weighing.
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BAGAIL Digital Luggage Scale

This suitcase weigher is 110lbs hanging Luggage scale with backlit LCD. This portable suitcase weighing scale is the ultimate travel luggage weight scale with a hook, and it has strong straps for travelers.

Image Source: Amazon.com

Accurate sensor

Capacity: 50kg/110lb, Division: 50g/0.1 lbs, more accurate and easier to weigh. The high quality and elegant design ensure longevity.

Tare function and load indication 

Calculates the net weight of the contents by subtracting the weight of the container from the overall weight. If the luggage weight exceeds the goal value you selected, the LCD will turn red. You no longer need to be concerned whether your luggage is overweight to avoid paying a higher fee for a heavy lift charge; this makes boarding less stressful!

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Easy to switch and save energy 

A wide range of measurement units may be changed to suit your needs (lb, kg). To convert the weighing unit, press the UNIT button. You can change the unit at any time during weighing. Features such as auto-off, overload, and low battery warning are provided to save time and energy.

Image Source: Amazon.com

Easy to see

Weight values are automatically locked, and the LCD Blue backlight function makes the baggage weighing scale easy to read in the dark or bright sunshine.

Image Source: Amazon.com

Built for traveling

 With dimensions of 5.19 x 1.25 x 0.59 inches, the digital baggage scale is lightweight, slender, and compact, taking up little space on your backpack and simple to carry, making it the perfect choice for carrying goods.

Image Source: Amazon.com


  • Accurate Weighing
  • Easy to read
  • Rugged strap and steel hook
  • Light and portable


  • You might have to charge the battery.
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Most digital luggage scales deliver quick and accurate readings, and they’re small and portable enough to fit into a carry-on bag. The majority of baggage scales cost between $9 and $20. For most passengers, it’s a tiny thing to pay, especially when you consider that if your bag is judged overweight at check-in, you might wind up paying much more inexpensive airline costs.

When it comes to the finest baggage scales, there isn’t much variance, but little distinctions might point you in the direction of one scale over another, depending on your tastes.

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