Massage Tables: Why You Should Buy A New One

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You have many decisions to make before buying a massage table. These decisions need some considerations about the features of massage tables, some of which are –

  • Portable or stationary massage table.
  • The width of the table (most massage tables have 30 inches in width).
  • Foam thickness of the table (top-quality portable massage tables have a foam thickness of 2 ½ to 3 inches).
  • The color of the table.
  • The vinyl type.
  • Height range that you need.

Another point that needs a bit of elaboration is the length of the massage tables. Once almost all the portable massage tables were used to be 73 inches long, but nowadays you find some touting and longer tables but in reality, they are overseas made cheaper massage tables. With that enhanced length, they do not really help instead they’re just heavier and harder to transport. There is also another problem with these long ones that is the unavailability of a good set of quality sheets to fit the longer massage tables. So, you see, it takes a lot of decisions for choosing the best massage tables.

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But, our discussion is focused on a more important issue that we think needs serious consideration. This consideration you need to make because of the fact that you have the other option than buying a brand new massage table, it is to buy used massage tables. thinks it to be a very important matter and that needs detailed clarification.

Why You Should Buy New Massage Tables, Not The Used Ones

You Are Liable To Your Customers:  

Why would someone prefer to buy something new? It is simply because of the peace of mind that is achieved when you know that the thing you are buying is brand new that poses no threats to the people using it. The sense of such liability makes you go for the brand new option. The massage tables from have never been used and come in brand new condition to ensure your mental satisfaction. They also feature the manufacturer’s warranty. We think this warranty feature to be very important as it allows you to be confident about its durability, making sure that nothing will go wrong with this massage table you bought. 

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The manufacturers who offer lifetime warranties for their massage tables give you a sense of confidence to stand behind it. Can you really take any chance with an old massage table that is vulnerable to cracks or breaks while having your client on it!? How messy could it be if the table collapses and you find your client falling onto the floor lying injured? Well, you surely want to avoid such a hazardous situation. Do you have insurance for this in case you are sued? But if you buy a new massage table and do everything right with it starting from setting it up to using it correctly, then is it the liability of the manufacturer if anything goes wrong. It is not something that happens very often but it does happen and the stories of those massage tables cracking and breaking can be horrified to hear. 

So you can understand how important it is to make sure that you do not compromise with the quality of the massage table, and buy a professional massage table from a well-known brand backed by a lifetime warranty. Warranties are generally applicable for the original purchaser and are not for someone who bought it second-hand. If it is important for you to get the manufacturer’s original warranty, then you should not think of the second option but purchase a new massage table directly from a trusted retailer like Best Chair Table. You get what you pay for is very true for portable massage tables. Spending 200 dollars for a new massage table is not at all a big pay as it has to bear the burden and reliance of your clients, business, and reputation.

Consider The Usage History Of The Table

This point comes hand in hand with the previous point. How much aware you are of the history of the second-hand massage table that you are going to purchase. What if it is rated for bearing the maximum workload of 300 pounds when its previous use includes obese patients who surplus 300 pounds? If so then its frame has got weakened enough for a load failure and this used massage table is less stable, heavily stressed, and may have some cracking noises as well while you are working. You can realize the fact that such massage tables will not be very soothing to the client lying on and this can certainly ruin your repeat business. Perhaps, you may be someone planning to buy a used table from your close acquaintance, whom you can completely rely on about telling you the actual status of the table. If that is the case, then make sure whether the warranty of the massage table has extended beyond the original buyer or not. If it has then you know what are the consequences can be.

So we, the team of Best Chair Table, can summarize the whole discussion in 3 points about buying a new massage table instead of used ones.

  1. You should buy a massage table meeting the specific user requirements making sure that you are only paying for the features you actually need.
  2. You should buy massage tables keeping in mind two facts, first one is to buy a high-quality table made to professional standards. The second is to make sure that it also belongs to a manufacturer who is well-known for making durable tables lasting for years. It is almost rare to get a great quality table that costs below $200, so be ready to spend something similar unless you get some good massage tables for sale. There are a lot of customers regretting the first deal which they thought to be a good and cheap one at that time, later realized it just didn’t hold up to frequent use for the professional purpose. Especially, those Chinese ‘hardwood’ Ramen made massage tables, don’t buy those, they are terrible!
  3. So what we finally want to say is, please purchase a new table and not a used one. The reasons for that should have been clarified by now. 
Usage History Of The Table
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Finally, we want to ask you why should you shy about such a one-time investment for a repeatable business. Remember, you actually get what you pay for when it comes to buying massage tables. So, be on top of your decisions and get yourself the best massage table. We hope you get My Shop Master popped on your screen when you search for ‘massage tables near me. Hopefully, it has been a helpful article for you, feel free to leave us any query, opinion, or suggestion, even if you disagree with us. Anything from you is indeed the most valuable thing to us.

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