How to make your blanket into a wearable sweatshirt

How to make your blanket into a wearable sweatshirt min

If you are a person who is cold all the time, especially in winter where you just want to curl up in a ball and just not move because it’s that cold. So if you were searching for a solution to your problem and you found oversized sweatshirts of women which are expensive. And we know you don’t want to pay too much for a glorified blanket. So you can easily make one.

How to make it?

You can find lightweight blankets at a very cheap rate in the market. You also have the option to buy a king-size blanket for extra loose or type of your body size. It would be sufficient to make a wearable blanket. Try to find the fluffiest and softest fabric out there to make the soft sweatshirts. because you want it to be extra snuggly.

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You need to make a plan for your sweatshirt. There’s going to be two sleeves, one hood,  a body, and a pocket. You can make your sweatshirt to be ankle length, so then you can sit on the sofa and watch tv. You can tuck your feet in and not be cold.

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Making of the body of a wearable sweatshirt 

Firstly, start with the body. The plan is to cut out the front and a back and then you can attach it on either side up to the armpit area. The reason for this is so you can attach the sleeves and then sew the rest of the top.

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  • You need to layout the blanket and you can just use your body to measure how much you will need.
  • After that, you can cut a beautiful throw. Cut out a. Rectangle form from the first blanket you laid.
  • Then take the second blanket and cut out a similarly sized rectangle. And make sure to measure for a good cut.
  • After taking the two sides, as planned you need to sew it on either side from the bottom up to the arbitrary a.
  • It doesn’t matter what color of thread you use because the blanket is so fluffy that it hides it anyway.
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Now it is time for the sleeves. It would be best if you make it lose. If you make it overly tight, it will feel like your blood pressure is getting taken every time you wear the sweatshirt. Also, don’t make it overly loose, or else it will make you look like an ancient Chinese lady. Of course, there’s time for everything. Maybe you want to become an ancient lady for some time, but you don’t want to because of the patriarchy.

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  • Get two squares of fabrics and roll them in sleeves.
  • This is the easiest part because you will just make two tubes. 
  • You need to sew them; by the way, everything you sew will be flipped inside out so that you can get that neat seam on the outside.
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Now it’s time to make a hood. You may probably get confused about how to make a hood because it is a little tricky. So it is better to start with a rectangle fabric. And then fold down the corners. And it would make a hood-ish shape. You can also make it double if you have extra fabric left.

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You can just take a fabric of any shape for your pocket. For example, a rectangle fabric attached in front of the wearable sweatshirt will look cool and classy at the same time. You can also take any shape of your choice. For example, if you make a big pocket, you could just put anything like a remote, snacks, iPad, or phone.

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Attaching everything 

You have a body for your sweatshirt, a hoodie, two sleeves, and a pocket. Now it’s time to attach everything. As per the plan, sew everything together and get your desirable oversized sweatshirt. The online thing left is to try it on.

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  • If you face any gaping problems in your neck, you can use elastic to tighten it. Unfortunately, it will just scrunch up the neck area.
  • If your sleeves are too long for you, you can shorten them and sew the edges of the sleeves.
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You can find sweatshirts for women on Amazon, which cost like 40$. But if you give a little creativity, you can make it in 10-15$ according to the quality of your blankets. If you use lightweight blankets, it will make a light wearable sweatshirt. If you also want to go for a little bit of experiment. Then you can buy customizable blankets to make it more beautiful and stylish.

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