How to look sexy after a perfect sunbath?

how to look sexy after a perfect sunbath min

Presenting oneself as beautiful with a sexy look is an internal desire of all. There is hardly a man, especially a woman, who doesn’t want to be beautiful. In this regard, they try to follow different types of tips and work out accordingly. The first and foremost condition of owning beauty in both figures and looking is regularly taking care of skin and face. Besides, it’s urgent to follow a balanced diet chart or take nutritious foods suggested by an expert dermatologist. 

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Among the most effective ways to make one fair and sexy, sunbathing or sun tanning is a unique and old process. Though the concept renders through the 20th century, it has achieved popularity nowadays. Almost all the ladies love to sunbathe to bring an unthinkable change in their entire bodies. And they claim this process made them the most appealing and enchanting ever.

What is sunbathing?

Sunbathing is a process of changing the skin tone by using the effects of the sun. Taking the sun’s rays made the skin darker and tanned, which is meant to be the source of beauty in present days. Sunbathing was considered as the effect of outpouring ultraviolet radiation from direct sunlight before. But people take it now out of a passion for bringing a radish effect on their skin that makes them sexy.

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People enjoy it greatly during the summer days outside the home to warm them and change their skin. It can even take in other alternative ways like spreading a tanning bed or tanning lamp a great distance from the residence. You also can take a beach sunbath by lying on a sunbathing lounge chair along the beachside.

What is the sunbathing equipment?

Though the sunbathing process is done in a wider space by laying or sitting on a bed or other sheets, you should have so many necessary tools or gears for a perfect sunbath. By collecting or arranging such equipment, one can prepare oneself for getting a tan in a very effective way. A list of more equipment for sun tanning has been given below in favor of a sun tanner.

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  1. Color-enhancing sunglasses.
  2. Coppertone sunscreen spray.
  3. Towel fasteners.
  4. Oversized straw hats.
  5. Audio accessories.
  6. Sunbathing lounge chair.
  7. Sunscreen cream.
  8. Bikini sunbath clothes.
  9. SPF faces paint.
  10. Sun bracelets.
  11. Face-down pillows.
  12. Anti sand beach blankets.
  13. Furniture of multiform.

Sunbathing tips with pre-awareness:

  1. Make sure you have used a great amount of sunscreen cream that contains effective SPF. It may be 30 or more as the prevention of UV rays sunburn. Apply it on the entire body and keep massaging it for 10-15 minutes to gain an effective result.
  2. Also, use effective SPF-based sunscreen for your outer part, including head, lips, and legs, if any outfits do not cover these parts.
  3. Try avoiding tanning beds instead as most of the tanning beds are made of rarely UVB light that stimulates vitamin D production.
  4. Drink adequate water when you go out to sunbathe for a long time. 
  5. Take a short pause in the middle of tanning performance to get an exact effect.
  6. Take some of the skin redness preventing foods that provide beta-carotene and lycopene-rich foods such as blueberries, watermelon, nuts, carrot, leafy greens, cauliflower, tomatoes, and green tea that work as UV rays protection internally.
  7. The perfect time for a perfect sunbath is between noon to 3 p.m; as UV sun rays become stronger in this time than the other time but are careful the sun rays of this time are also most dangerous and harmful for any skin type. So it would help if you had precautions before such a hot sunbath.
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After how many times will you see the result of tanning?

According to the American Academy Of Dermatology opinion, skin color is a major indicator of whether a person will burn or tan. Without wearing a sunscreen cream of higher SPF (sun protector Factor), most people can tan or burn their skin in just within 10 minutes. But approximately it needs a few hours to get a perfect sunbath effect.

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How long one can get a tan is uncertain sometimes as it depends on skin tone and the country’s climate that a tanner is living in. Ex. People of darker-skinned can tan their skin more effectively than light-skinned type people. 


sunbathing Awareness
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The benefits of a perfect sunbath are many. Besides generating the production of vitamin D, it improves the way of blood circulation. In addition, The UVB rays that come from the sun rays develop the synthesis of vitamin D3 which prevents blood pressure. It also reduces mental pressure. Thus this way, a girl can be prettier and sexy in looking that attracts all. 

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