How Do You Do Dips on A Power Tower?

How do you do dips on a power tower min

A power tower is an exercise machine where a person can do exercise easily. This is a very popular exercise machine. Anyone can do exercise on this machine and keep themselves active and healthy. If you love to live in the home and don’t like to go outside for exercise or the gym, then a power tower is the best choice. There are some famous exercises that one can do on a power tower. Doing dips on a power tower is one of them. If this machine is in your home, you can make a routine for this dip station that you can call dip station workout routine. There is a bar in this machine that one can use as dip bar exercises for abs. 

If you are a beginner, you can’t use this machine for advanced-level workouts. There are some dip bar exercises for beginners that you can perform. There are also some exercises known as dip bar exercises for the chest. All you have to do is take a dip workout routine and do the exercise daily to keep yourself fit. To make the best use of the dip station machine, you have to know how to use it and perform all types of exercises on it. Doing dips is the most famous workout that everyone tries to do on this machine. So, before using this machine, one needs to know how he can do dips on a power tower to do the exercise perfectly. 

How Do You Do Dips on A Power Tower?

It is very difficult to use a dip power tower machine. Before using this machine, one must be familiar with power tower dips. If you want to do dips properly, you must first go through some steps. Step by step, one can do the exercise well. So, how you can do dips on the power tower as an exerciser is discussed below.

Grab The Bars of The Dip Station Properly

You have to find out the bars in the machine. The first step is to grab the dip station bars with your hands. Two hands need to be used. You have to grab the bars with two hands and put the strength of your whole body to make a balance.

Bars of The Dip Station Properly
Image Source: KDVR

Jump Up with Stamina

After grabbing the bars, the next step is to jump up. You have to grab the bars the whole time. Put you all stamina. You have to keep your head straight. The head can not be turned off. The whole body needs to be jumped up straight, and you can not swing. The eyes contact also needs to be kept straight. While jumping up, you have to balance your whole body with locked elbows. 

Bend Your Arms and Push Your Body Down
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Bend Your Arms and Push Your Body Down

When you jump up with your whole body’s strength, the next thing is to bend your arms and push your body down. When you are doing this, you have to grab the bars tightly. You have to maintain hour arms near the body. You can not leave the bars; otherwise, any type of injury may happen at any time. That is why you have to focus on every step the whole time.

Push Your Body Down Till The Bottom

The next step is to you have to push your body down to the bottom part of the machine. While doing it, you also have to bend down the knees and force the whole body with stamina to the bottom. In this way, there will be a great balance, creating pressure on your whole body. This makes your body active. 

Raise Your Whole Body Back Again

When you push your whole body down, you have to put all your stamina again and raise your whole body back again to the place from where you started your exercise. You always have to keep your elbows locked and keep your eyes straight. You can not move your head. The head needs to be in place, and the whole body should be kept straight.

Creates A Balance

When you are doing all the dips, you have to maintain a balance. You have to uphold a balance with your whole body and with the shoulders over your hands. You have to focus on this by doing it properly to keep yourself fit. It increases the stamina and power of balance in your body. This also makes your body strong. 

Repeat The Process Again And Again

When you push back your whole body to the place where you started the exercise, one time of dips is done. This is how dips exercise works. Then, you have to repeat it repeatedly to continue this exercise. You can repeat it the many times you want. This will help you to keep the whole body healthy.

Ultimate Power Tower Workout
Image Source: Fitness Volt

Can Take Other’s Help 

It is very boring to do exercise alone. Sometimes it is also very difficult to do so. If you don’t comfortable doing it alone, you can take the help of others. It can be your friend or your instructor. Anyone can help you to do this exercise by holding your legs. This is easier than doing it alone. So if you need the help of other whole going thus exercise you can take other’s help.


In the end, a power tower dip station is a very good machine for working out. This device will help you to keep yourself healthy and fit. You can stay at home and do this exercise if you have the machine inside your home. You can do dips on a power tower machine. This is a very effective exercise that you can do. Dips will help you to increase the stamina of your body. Your body will become stronger than before if you use this exercise machine daily. Before doing this exercise, you have to learn how to do dips properly. In this article, the steps of doing dips have been explained. One can follow them and do the dips in this machine.  So, it can be said that by following the steps of these dips, you can do the dips on a power tower. 

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