Ten common problems with your robot vacuum and how to fix them

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A tidy house is the most pleasing desire of all. Man who likes to live comfortably with a fresh and arranged look wishes to have the essential cleaning equipment or tools that assist them. So they look for different kinds of cleaning tools to keep their house neat and clean. Amongst several types of cleaning tools, the self-emptying robot vacuum is one of the most demanding tools.

The conception of Robot has come from an American science fiction author Robert A. Heinlein where he described the concept of a robotic vacuum cleaner with a recharging dock In 1956 in his novel The Door into Summer by name. It was just a better vacuum cleaner that went quietly looking for dirt all day long. The term robot vacuum cleaner is a floor cleaning tool adjusted with a limited vacuum system. It also has sensors and mechanical drives along with cleaning routines and programmable controllers.

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Though the product has come to the marketplace considering the clients who like to keep their house always clean, some unavoidable problems have made them confused about the product. Today we are going to discuss such difficulties with some practical solutions. 

Problem 1: Charging function of robot vacuum doesn’t work out sometimes

The function of it doesn’t work out properly is a widespread objection to the client. They are worried even when it frequently happens with such the most-using tool. It may occur if there is no connection or power supply with your home base of the robot vacuum tool or if there is no dust on its charging contact. It can also be caused by using the wrong battery source or any difficulties with the power source.

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 If you face the problem with your Roomba vacuum, don’t do the hustle and make sure whether any dust, hair, or gunk accumulation has made your vacuum function disturbed or not. If it’s, take a soft cloth and rub the tool with some drop of rubbing alcohol for cleaning it properly. You may also have repaired your charging dock or may have changed your battery. You also can checkout or reset its setting to solve this problem.

Problem2: Robot vacuum doesn’t move properly

The roller vacuum has a directional wheel on its front side. Sometimes it doesn’t move properly or moves like a circle. As some of the wheels of this tool can’t detach, it seems complicated to fix the problem if there is anything stuck in its bumper. It becomes immovable and backs away, so it goes the other way frequently, like a circle.

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If you go through the problem, try to check out the wheels of the other side. If any string or a piece of cable stuck or fit in it, it got tangled. You can also tap the bumper gently or clean the tool by compressing air to get the best result.

Problem 3: Sometimes, it creates louder noise

The vacuum cleaner sucks dirt in an airflow way, and it creates a minimum sound of tolerance level functionally. But if there are any airflow blockages or obstruction issues, this tool may not perform clearly. It also may happen for disturbance of motor or air leaking problems.

In these cases, try to find out the actual problem that causes disturbance of your airflow tools and then fix it accordingly.

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Problem3: Problem of overheating

If your vacuum cleaner keeps on charging for a long time or if any electrical fault may be visible for some unavoidable causes, especially on the function of the motor, it may cause overheating problems, and thus it emits smoke.

In this situation, you need to see a technician repair the motor-related problems or find any leakage problem to solve an overheating problem.

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Problem 4: It starts cleaning itself

Sometimes your precise vacuum machine starts to work itself without any reason. Ant may cause several times.

So to overcome this situation or problem, you have to check out the remote controlling apps to clear the schedule and set a new one. If it has the reset function, you can reboot or restart the vacuum system and detach the battery to select a new one.

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Problem 5: Reboot vacuum doesn’t turn on

If any of the functional issues are created, the robot vacuum doesn’t turn on.

But the problem is easy to fix. First of all, you have to check out the power supply function and connect it again. If it’s a battery-functioning vacuum, you have to replace the battery after checking it frequently. Yet if it doesn’t work correctly after inserting a new battery, you need to replace the motors or think for any other internal tools replacement.

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Problem 6: Robot vacuum spits dirt on the floor

The machine has two side brushes that work perfectly to catch the dust. The bearing of these side brushes holders may be rusted or broken, and they also may be prone to get clogged and stop moving while collecting the long strands of hair and other debris. 

In this issue, remove the brush by pressing it inside and then by rotating. If the brush holder breaks, check it out and then intend to replace it. If the brush holder is blocking with dirt, remove the dust from the side brush rollers, which will help you troubleshoot and fix the vacuum cleaner.

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Problem 7: Roller belt of the roller vacuum may break

Every robot vacuum has come along with the roller belt that helps to collect your hair, string ideally. But if too much dirt gets stuck, it will put too much strain on the belt. So the belt may break unexpectedly.

So for repairing it, remove the old vacuum cleaner belt from the brush bar and the drive pulley. If any dirt is choking the rolling cylinder ends, then detach the belts immediately after lookup. It’s highly recommended to replace the belt set if any broken roller setup is visible.

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Problem 8: wifi connection doesn’t work

If you are owing to an intelligent robot vacuum that works through the wifi connection, somehow may face difficulties. It may be because of poor wifi connection or for any other issues.

If it happens with your vacuum cleaner that works with the connection of wifi, then check out the wifi frequency first. Some robot vacuums can work with 2.4GHz routers, whereas other vacuums support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. You may reset a new password, especially by inserting an alpha-numeric password. So your p[password will be strong enough for performing correctly.

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Problem 9: Your roller vacuum may smell bad

On many other issues, your vacuum cleaners may smell bad. As the causes of disconnection of electricity motor rubber belt of your vacuum may worn out and burn, and it may produce the terrible smell.

To replace the motor belt of your vacuum cleaner, you have to detach the vacuum cleaner and then softly clean off any burnt rubber parts for the motor. Finally, replace it with a new and tightened motor belt instead of old ones.

Problem 10: Over dust may affect the cleaning power

Sometimes if your vacuum cleaner turns into an overflowing dust container or blocked airways, a tangled brush bar, a clogged filter may affect your cleaning power or work.

So to fix the problem, you have to check out the dust box and clean it properly. It requires that dust boxes have to be kept empty at least 30% to work properly.


Though most of the problems are too easy to fix, you suggest some more critical issues may arise in this article. In this proposal, you have to take the help of perfect maintenance for getting an effective roller vacuum. You should also check out all the functions of the helpful machinery tool for getting a better experience.

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