Best Refrigerator Water Filter Reviews 2022

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Most of us like to think that the water from our tap has been sanitized and made safe for human consumption. However, your local treatment plant could miss lots of contaminants and many others that water can pick up on its way to and through your pipes. So for anyone with a water or ice dispenser in their fridge, using a refrigerator water filter is the only sure way to guarantee safety.

The only tricky part of buying a water filter is choosing the right one. There are countless different types, models, and varieties of water filters for your refrigerator, so which one should you invest in? Find the best refrigerator filter for your home and ensure proper water safety and sanitation by checking out these top products.

Top 10 Best Refrigerator Water Filter Chart

PictureNameFilter MediaPriceRating (1-5)
Pure Green Water Filter PG-8001Activated Coconut Shells$4.7
WaterDrop WD-MWF Replacement Refrigerator Water FilterWaterDrop WD-MWF Replacement Refrigerator Water FilterActivated Coconut Carbon$4.7
Samsung Water Filter for Refrigerators DA29-00020BSamsung Water Filter for Refrigerators DA29-00020BHigh grade activated carbon$$$$4.4
Frigidaire PureSource Ice and Water FiltrationFrigidaire PureSource Ice and Water FiltrationGranular activated carbon$4.4
EveryDrop by Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter 4 (Pack of 2)Every Drop by Whirlpool Refrigerator Water FilterGranular activated carbon (Currently Unavailable)$$$4.4
General Electric MWF Refrigerator Water FilterGeneral Electric MWF Refrigerator FilterActivated carbon$$$$4.4
IcePure Refrigerator Water Filter PUR 4396508IcePure Water Filter PUR 4396508Granular activated carbon$4.3
One Purify RFC 1200A Refrigerator Water FilterOne Purify RFC 1200A Refrigerator Water FilterCoconut shell carbon (Currently Unavailable)$4.3
AQUACREST 4396508 Refrigerator Water FilterCoconut shell carbon$4.1
Max blue NSF 53&42 Certified 4396508 Water FilterGranular activated carbon$$4.0

Tips on Choosing the Best Refrigerator Filter

Buying a refrigerator water filter should take some time and consideration on your part – especially if you have a family that you’re trying to protect from the dangers of water contamination. Check out these tips for choosing the best refrigerator filter so you can be sure of your loved ones’ health and safety.

  • Understand the LocationDifferent refrigerator water filter 2020 models come in a variety of designs. Often, the main distinction between each type is their location in your refrigerator.
  • Grille – Grille refrigerator water filters are fitted along with the grille of your fridge located towards the base. These can be hidden from sight. However, they are easily revealed with a quarter turn or a cap push, depending on the design.
  • Drop Down – Drop-down filters are found inside the fridge’s food compartment. The filter can be maintained, adjusted, or replaced by opening its drop-down compartment while the fridge is open.
  • Slide Out – A slide-out water filter for your refrigerator is also concealed inside the food storage area of your fridge. This one is contained inside its unique drawer, which can be pulled out to access the filter.
  • Canister – These small barrel-like filters are located towards the back of your fridge’s food compartment. Some models may be protected by a cup that requires a wrench to remove.
  • Inline – The inline models are more difficult to install than the built-in models stated above. The only advantage is choosing any inline water filter without worrying about compatibility. Inline models are connected directly to the main water line and filter water as it passes through to your fridge.
  • Consider the Microns – Bigger is not better when it comes to microns. A refrigerator water filter’s micron rating is often stated on the packaging and will determine how well your chosen filter will clean out the water it receives.

A smaller micron rating means that your filter can detect and collect smaller contaminants, making it much more efficient at achieving optimal water sanitation. Generally, all refrigerator water filters have a micron rating of 20. Anything smaller than that could be a much better option.

  • Check the Filter Media – Another common difference that refrigerator water filters have is the filter media. This is the substance that attracts and collects contaminants so that the water reaches you with less harmful chemicals and bacteria than it had as you ran the tap.

The most common filter media used by refrigerator water filters is granular activated carbon. This substance appears like cratered rocks under a microscope, and it is these small superficial craters capture contaminants and keep the water clean for consumption.

Top 3 Refrigerator Water Filter 2020 Reviews

Pure Green Water Filter PG-8001

Pure Green Water Filters have been designed to replace numerous different filter brands you might use in your home. This option has been dubbed one of the best refrigerator water filter 2020 replacements on the market thanks to its ability to thoroughly and easily cleanse and clear water of contaminants.

Unlike other filters on the market, the Pure Green Water Filter PG-8001 uses activated coconut shells as its filter media. This safe and natural alternative to activated carbon can clean water of up to 99% of any contaminants that it might contain, including asbestos, chlorine, and benzene.

Another reason why this option has become popular among buyers is that it is relatively cheaper than other filters. Plus, since they can be purchased in packs of three, buyers can easily have a reliable, safe, and effective stock of filters at home without worrying about the initial cost.

WaterDrop WD-MWF Replacement Water Filter

This canister water filter takes on the canister design and fits into the compatible refrigerators with the suspended canister compartment. The filter itself uses a combination of activated coconut carbon to filter water and clear away any contaminants that might exist in it before it reaches your fridge.

What makes it a really good choice is how easily it can be installed into a compatible refrigerator. A simple twist and pull unlock the unit, and a gentle push and turn will securely attach the replacement. A single roadblock that some users may encounter is the presence of a clear silicone washer plugging into the center of the filtration hole.

This plug exists for sanitation purposes before use. Simply pulling it out from its place will allow water to flow freely through the filter.

Samsung Water Filter for Refrigerators DA29-00020B

Samsung has long been trusted as a consumer electronics and accessories brand, and that’s why their refrigerator water filter has been purchased thousand times over. This water filter is designed for refrigerators from the same brand but can be used on similar fridge types.

Refrigerator Water Filter

Refrigerator Water Filter

Refrigerator Water Filter

It does what it says it does and gets your water clean, sanitized, and safe for consumption. The only problem others have with this particular filter is that it can be quite pricey, which is often associated with the fact that it comes from a reputable brand.

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