Best ProForm Hybrid Trainer Elliptical Buyer’s Guide 2022

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What is the most effective hybrid trainer? First, it is important to include a cardio recumbent bike and an elliptical. The other important thing to consider is comfort. You should ensure that the trainer you choose has the most comfortable cushioned seat and comfortable padding. Additionally, it should be adjustable and simple to alter. Certain models have Bluetooth-compatible technology and have a distinct benefit since they can monitor fitness metrics throughout time. Thirdly, think about the length of your stride, which is not less than 15 inches. In reality, the longer your stride, the better the cardio workout you will get. We think ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro meets these requirements the best.

How do I define a hybrid trainer?

It’s not easy to create a high-quality exercise routine that is high-intensity and with a tight budget. However, your muscles will soon become accustomed to exercises that require body weight and short jogs around the block.

Recently, many people are turning towards Hybrid Trainers, a type of exercise machine that combines an elliptical with recumbent bikes. For the cost of a single unit, you’ll get two strength and cardio components.

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What’s the hype?

Compared to traditional machines, hybrid trainers enable users to complete a full-body exercise in a shorter time. For instance, you can shift between cycling and high-resistance elliptical training in a flash.

Benefits of the Hybrid Trainer

Hybrid trainers are a great way to expand the variety of your workout and strengthen various muscles. Plus, they are usually less expensive than treadmills or ellipticals that are independent. If you are suffering from boredom from exercise or joint discomfort, there are various reasons to consider investing in an affordable Hybrid Trainer.

Due to the nature of the design, hybrid trainers are incredibly accommodating to stiff joint joints that are arthritic. Furthermore, these trainers are equipped with wide, cushioned handles, inertia-enhanced machinery and a remarkably smooth pedal movement. In addition to getting a full-body workout, you’ll be able to rest assured that a Hybrid trainer guards you against accidental injuries.

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How Do Models Differ?

It is not the case that all Hybrid trainers are the same. Based on their purpose and the brand, some trainers may combine several exercises.

Basic trainers include:

  • The recumbent and elliptical bicycle.
  • Without the LCD.
  • Workout statistics.
  • Smart device pairing options.
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Higher-end machines usually have backlit displays, and heart rate monitor handles user profiles, Bluetooth connectivity and estimated calorie burn functions. Some also use stair climbers in conjunction with an elliptical instead of the bike. All Hybrid Trainers integrate two or more of the workouts in one unit.

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Review of Best Hybrid Trainers

Below, you’ll see a list of the top hybrid trainers with prices that ranges from $450 to $600. In addition, you can choose a custom option that has a big display or one that has the exclusive iFit Bluetooth to track workout metrics. Additionally, the trainer offers all the advantages of a recumbent bicycle and an elliptical, and the stair-stepper is a cross between an elliptical.

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ProForm Hybrid Trainer | Best Customizable

It has a big LCD. this highly-customizable ProForm trainer offers both the advantages of recumbent bikes as well as an elliptical. The 16 different resistance levels, a large 15-inch elliptical stride, and an inertia-enhanced flywheel make this bike suitable for people weighing less than 350lbs. Users love the soft, comfy grips on the hands and the huge pedals for feet that can be adjusted. Using this trainer, it’s simple to work your shoulders, arms, and back for a complete workout.

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  • Includes EKG heart rate grip handles for monitoring the performance of your exercise
  • Large the pedals, as well as soft-grip handle, make the machine in a comfortable position


  • A 90-day warranty is only for specific parts
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ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro | Best Professional-Grade

ProForm Pro ProForm Pro includes all the comfortable customization options of its predecessor and offers greater compatibility with smart devices. Additionally, the patent-pending iFit Bluetooth gives users more flexibility to monitor their fitness metrics in time. Even better, the ProForm trainer features an even larger 17-inch stride that makes it simple to reach the deepest calf and thigh burn. The more natural stride helps reduce the risk of injury and discomfort.

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  • Includes Bluetooth compatible technology
  • A wider stride gives you more comfort during workouts


  • LCD Screen is dimly illuminated

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ProForm Cardio HIIT Elliptical Trainer | Best Multi-Functional

It’s hard to come across an exercise routine that is more synergistic than a stair-stepper that is teamed by an elliptical. With multi-functional foot pedals and handlebars, users can complete a full-body intense workout in a shorter time. In comparison to other ProForm equipment in the market, this HIIT machine has 24 levels of resistance that the user can control. Additionally, users will enjoy the cushioned pedals and an inertia-enhanced flywheel that both help makes the workout comfortable for stiff joints.

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  • Includes iFit Bluetooth compatibility
  • Great for preventing joint injury


  • Some users complain that the device makes mechanical squeaks following frequent use

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ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro

Why do we choose this model? Its ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro is an extremely functional and professional machine that allows users to switch between an elliptical or the cardio recumbent bike easily. The machine comes with the patent-pending iFit Bluetooth feature, providing connecting with smart devices. With 20 digital resistance levels, it is possible to select the simplest beginner level or a more advanced one for more advanced users.

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The trainer features the largest stride size of 17 inches, which allows for a more comfortable exercise and lessens the risk of injuries. Furthermore, the LCD lets you keep track of your pace as well as calories burned and distance to track how far you’ve come. With a weight of around 140 pounds, this machine is a heavy-duty machine and can support a weight of up to 350 pounds.

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Cross, Hybrid Trio, Cardio and Elliptical Trainers What’s the Difference?

With the many types of trainers, it may be difficult for users to make the best choice. But, the majority of trainers aim to reduce joint injuries and move the whole body in one fluid movement regardless of the type you opt for. Cross trainers and ellipticals depend on users to pedal the machine’s swoopy motion. The movement is designed to work the arms, thighs and core.

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In contrast, a trio trainer is a tri-in-one recumbent bike, an elliptical bicycle or the upright bicycle. The bike can be changed by changing the seat. Hybrid trainers usually incorporate the advantages of recumbent cycling and upright elliptical training. This makes it easy to get deep thigh, core and arm movements by offering a range of exercises.

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