The Best Michael Kors Smartwatch and Accessories to Buy

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A watch becomes a smartwatch when you can replace its traditional face, mechanical hand and enjoy touch screen functionality. For instance, Michael Kors smartwatch has a distinctive Wear OS that allows you to operate with android or iPhone devices.

Unlike Smartwatches of the old days that suffered from uninspiring design, middling performance, and poor battery life, Michael kors smartwatch improved the previous designs. From innovative features, versatility, and extended battery life, you can track your fitness and personal training with the Michael kors smartwatch brand. 

You cannot mention big names of designers for both ready-to-wear and luxury accessories without Michael Kors on the list. Infect they are world-renowned and an award winner in this fashion sector. Among their shining bands on the market is their smartwatch. 

From these reviews of Michael kors smartwatch, you will get all you need for your cozy lifestyle. With improved features, you will track your fitness, track your location, receive notification alerts from the watch’s vibration, and make calls while away from your smartphone.

Thinking of where to get information about the top smartwatch brand? This Michael Kors smartwatch review presents an overview of their brand description for their smartwatch and other related accessories. It further highlights all their superior features, pros, and cons including a list of frequently asked questions about their smartwatch brands. For genuine information about the brand which will help you buy and recommend the best smartwatch for all-season read through this Michael kors smartwatch review.

Why buy a Michael Kors smartwatch?

Design and technology are important factors for all Wear OS smartwatch users. Michael Kors, as a smartwatch brand, focuses on the latter. Their wearables have a bright colorway, with numerous metal finishing, which gives their design an outstanding appearance that matches their sophisticated technology.

If other smartwatches’ designs and technology are too bland for your test, you will meet something flashier in Michael Kors smartwatch.

Michael Kors Women’s Smartwatch

Womens Smartwatch

Michael Kors Smartwatch women’s best is a watch to fall in love with when looking for something more than mere counting of minutes and hours. It features top design and applications that you need for your classy lifestyle. This elegant smartwatch will make your life flow from tracking your cardio, payment, and other social applications. You will receive the notifications and enjoy the timer and tracking of your calendar while saving battery life. Talk directly from your smartwatch by enabling Bluetooth calls. The watch comes with a built-in fitness component that ensures you excel in your fitness lifestyle. You can track your cardio, set and monitor your sleep goal, including real-time tracking of your pace, heart rate, distance, steps, calories, among others.

Product features 

Wear OS by google 

With the smartwatch, you enjoy using Wear OS by Google application compatible with IOS 12.0+ or Android 6.0+

Michael Kors Womens Smartwatch

Styles have many faces and applications. 

Its design allows for an always-on display with thousands of watch faces to personalize your look and always see the time. You can keep changing its face according to your changing mood. The smartwatch has a collection of intelligent apps for tracking fitness, social, games, and stopwatch, among others. Additionally, it comes in a waterproof design perfect for all types of activities, including swimming.

Automatic tracking of activities 

Once you have this watch, you will track activity goals, heart rate, cardio level, among others. Its activity mode and GPS connection allow tracking of paths and distances. The advanced sensor of the watch powers it with data for fitness and health applications.

Stay connected 

Whether you are on the go or relaxed with your watch on, you receive notifications for texts, calls, automatic time and applications, calendar, and time zone syncing. With the watch, you can’t miss a call. You respond to calls directly from your watch when your mobile phone is out of reach.

Michael Kors

Product pros 

Designed with a touch screen 

High accuracy 

Extended battery life 

Product cons 

It may not be 100% compatible with some devices.

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Michael Kors Access Gen 5 Lexington Smartwatch

Michael Kors Access Gen 5 Lexington Smartwatch 1

For those wondering if your watch can match with their iPhone or smartphone and enjoy all the compatibility features, this is what you need. Every element on this watch works perfectly. It is powered with IOS by Google and compatible with Android and iPhone. The smartwatch has a good design for all your activities. It is swim-proof for use in any weather condition and with tracking features to help you monitor your wellness program. You can track your distance with a built-in GPS track and heart rate with a google fit. It is one smartphone for all seasons, and everywhere you don’t need to carry your phone around. Once you connect compatible devices, you receive the texts, calls, and mobile app notifications while on the move. 

With the smartwatch, you can control your music, manage your calendar, and even download a third-party app. apart from its touch screen functionality. You can customize its watch face according to your mood.

Product features 

Wear OS by google 

With the smartwatch, you enjoy using the Wear OS by Google application on your smartphone.

Heart rate and activity tracking 

With this Michael Kors smartwatch iPhone compatible watch, you can track your heart rate and activity using its google fit device. It also features a built-in GPS for tracking your distance and a swim-proof design that makes it perfect for all weather conditions. Further, a google assistant build allows you to enjoy google play.

Gen 5 Lexington Smartwatch

One smartwatch 

Once you have your watch on, you will receive calls, texts, and applications notifications from your phone. It also allows managing the calendar, controlling music, and even downloading third-party applications. Its several customizable watch faces allow you to choose your best. This watch has other features such as touch screen functionality, microphone, build fitness tracker, music controlling and storage function, alarm and custom goal setting, weather, wireless syncing, LED flashlight multiple time zone, and calendar alert.

Battery life 

It has 24-hour battery life depending on its usage, plus the other two extra days under low power mode. You get a supply of magnetic USB rapid chargers, which charge up to 80 percent in less than an hour.

Swim proof

You can wear this watch while swimming. It is water-resistant up to 30 m 

Michael Kors 1

Product pros 

Compatible with Android and iPhone

Longer battery life 

Product cons 

Its features may vary between different platforms 

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Michael Kors Bradshaw Smartwatch

Michael Kors 2

Michael Kors is running a top technology Bradshaw smartwatch that focuses on maximum performance that suits your classy lifestyle. It has top features such as speakers, additional memory, and storage, including improved battery life. It allows you to talk with your google assistant, play music and get notifications from your smartwatch. Its 8GB storage space will enable you to download huge volumes of content and data, which is even more improved by its increased memory. Its internal system delivers an improved ambient mode and extension of the battery life. You can link this watch with either iPhone or Android device. Its powered wear OS by google allows compatibility with android IOS 10 .0+ and 6.0+ (excluding GO edition)

Product features 

Make calls from your watch 

The talk to my feature on the smartwatch allows you to make and receive calls from your watch. You don’t need to carry around your mobile phone. The smartwatch will work on its behalf.


Wellness and fitness feature 

You can measure your cardio fitness level, track your fitness activity, set your sleep goals, and monitor the real-time data for calories, steps, heart rate, pace, and distance.

A style with many faces 

The smartwatch features countless ways of changing the face. You can set as many watch faces as you can, depending on your changing moods.

Bradshaw Smartwatch

Product pros 

Improved internal storage and battery life 

Compatible with both iPhone and Android phones 

Product cons 

Its features may vary between different platforms 

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Michael Kors Access Gen 5 Lexington Smartwatch

Smart watches

This Michael Kors smartwatch powered with wear OS by google is compatible with Android and iPhone to give the best service everyone needs in a classy watch. Though its features vary from various platforms, you can track your workout routine and achieve your fitness goals. It features a google fit application for monitoring heart rate and activity, including its built-in GPS for tracking distance. Its swim-proof design performs best even when doing your swimming activities. If you need any help for speed through check out, your watch google play will help you. This smartwatch comes with features you need for managing your social life. You receive applications alerts and notifications and manage your calendar. Use this smartwatch to control your music, download a third-party application and even customize your watch face from the numerous available options.

If you need a watch to help your maneuver and succeed in your fitness goals, this is a phone to have.

. With its touchscreen functionality, you can utilize the fitness tracker’s built-in feature and music storage, microphone, alarm settings, multiple time zones, calendar alert, wireless syncing, and LED flashlight.

Michael Kors Access Gen 5 Lexington Smartwatch 2

Product features 

Wear OS by google 

With the smartwatch, you enjoy using the Wear OS by Google application on your smartphone. However, its features may vary between different platforms.

Heart rate and activity tracking 

With the smartwatch, you can use its google fit feature while tracking your heart rate and activity. Its building GPS offers you the opportunity to track distance while working out. This smartwatch is your real personal google. It helps you speed through checkout when you use google play. 

It is one smartwatch.

You receive smartphone applications alerts and notifications, manage your calendars, download third-party applications and control your music on a watch. 

From the numerous watch faces, you can choose and change the one suiting your mood. 

Buy and enjoy the touchscreen functionality, build in fitness tracker, music storage, alarm, custom goal setting, multiple time zones, calendars alerts, wireless syncing, and LED flashlight.

Long battery life 

This smartwatch has an extended battery life estimated at 24 hours based on its usage plus an extra day when switching to low power mode. It also has a magnetic USB rapid charger which allows you to charge up to 80 percent in less than an hour.

Water resistance 

Wear it while swimming and appreciate a water resistance of up to 50 m in shallow waters.

Lexington Smartwatch 1

Product pros 

It has high accuracy with a touch screen functionality 

It has a design for extended battery life 

It gives an accurate value for every coin you spend on it 

Product cons 

The smartwatch features may vary between different platforms.

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Michael Kors Women’s MKGO Gen 5E Smartwatch

Michael Kors Womens MKGO Gen 5E Smartwatch

Whether you have an iPhone or an android phone, this is a smartwatch to pair your device and make use of the superior features that suit your lifestyle. 

It comes with a battery with extended life and multiple tracking features. You can track your activity goals, sleep, steps, cardio level, heart rate, and more.

The smartwatch is full of applications that make your life easy. You can use the applications to listen to your favorite music, receive news, play games, enjoy the stopwatch, enjoy fitness applications, and more.

It also features an advanced sensor that feeds the fitness application with data to maximize its benefits.

While having your smartwatch, receive applications notifications, receive and make calls, get text messages, calendars syncing, and stay connected with the automatic time zone. No more missing calls even when you don’t have your phone. You receive and make calls directly from your watch.

Womens MKGO Gen 5E Smartwatch 1


Product features 

WearOS by Google app

With the smartwatch, you enjoy using Wear OS by Google application on your smartphone with IOS 12.0+ or Android 6.0+

Extended battery life 

It comes with 24 hours plus multi-day extended battery mode, which varies according to usage after installation and update. It also comes with a USB with magnetic charger snaps for easy use. It takes less than 50 min for it to charge up to 80 percent.

Thousands of watch faces 

You can personalize your look from the available watch faces to suit your mood for the day. Additionally, there are hundreds of applications you can use from this smartwatch. 

Enjoy the assistant fitness application, games, music, news, stopwatch, social and many more. Its swim-proof feature makes it perfect for enjoying its features anywhere, including in a pool.

In-built tracker 

You can automatically track your activity goals, heart rate, cardio level step, among others. Its GPS tracker allows you to track your distance and path. The fitness application receives data powered by an advanced sensor for excellent performance.

Stay connected with notifications. 

You don’t need to carry around your mobile phone. With the smartwatch, you receive texts, notifications from applications, automatic time, calendars syncing, and time zone.

No more missing calls. You receive and make calls differently from your watch in the absence of a mobile phone.

Michael Kors Womens MKGO Gen 5E

Product pros 

Featured with an extended battery life 

Compatible with Android and iPhone devices 

Easy to use 

Product cons 

Only compatible with phones 

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Michael Kors Women’s Sofie Leather Strap


If you need a strap to match your smartwatch perfectly, Michael Kors women’s can make your best fit. Michael Kors women’s strap is crafted with red leather. Women wishing for a classy look can interchange this strap with their Michael Kors Sofie smartwatch.

Michael Kors Womens Sofie Leather Strap

Product features 

The strapping is designed with red leather, which matches perfectly with most of the women’s fashion. 

You can interchange it with Michael Kors Access Sofie’s touchscreen smartwatch.

It features a buckle and prolonged fasting. The complimentary buckle comes with your Michael Kors Sofie smartwatch.

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Michael Kors Smartwatch Charger

Michael Kors Smartwatch Charger

The Michael Kors Smartwatch charger is an upgrade from the previous models. It is compatible with most of the Michael Kors smartwatches. However, always check for compatibility with your watch before purchasing. It fits with Michael Kors Access, Gen 4 Runway, Gen 4 MKGO, Gen 5 Bradshaw smartwatches, and Gen 4 Sofie, Gen 5 Lexington. Once you plug this USB cord into the power source and connect it to your smartwatch, it automatically charges your phone.

Product features 

It is compatible with Michael Kors Access, Gen 4 Runway, Gen 4 MKGO, Gen 5 Bradshaw smartwatches, Michael kors smart watch rose gold, and Gen 4 Sofie, Gen 5 Lexington.

Smartwatch Charger

Product pros 

It has a sturdy construction 

Ideal for traveling 

Offers value for your money 

Product cons 

Works with specific Michael Kors smartwatches

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Frequently asked questions 

Does Michael Kors have a smartwatch?

Yes! Michael Kors has a smartwatch powered with Wear OS by Google. It has an inbuilt GPS, heart rate NFS notifications, and many more.

Is the Michael Kors smartwatch good?

Michael Kors has a great smartwatch with numerous features gathered in a single watch. They have extended battery life, more excellent performance, and with stylish design.

Can you text on a Michael Kors smartwatch?

When you pair Michael Kors smartwatch with either your Android or iPhone device, you will receive notifications directly from the watch face about your phone texts. You can respond to the text with this smartwatch in the same fashion you could do with your gadget.

Final thought 

Michael Kors Women’s MKGO Gen 5E Smartwatch Is an ideal choice for balancing practicality and balancing style. According to the Micheal Kors review, all the smartwatches in this brand have the same outranking major functionality features. However, if you are a buyer interested in some specifics, you can still get you to match from the smartwatch variety. For instance, if you need a classy smartwatch, Michael Kors Access Gen 5 Lexington Smartwatch Will be your best choice. For flashy lovers, Michael Kors Bradshaw Smartwatch will warm your heart. After considering your treasures in a smartwatch, you can match what Michael Kors smartwatch offers and get your type.

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