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You must have commonly come across this term “humidifier” in movies or even the real world. The word means exactly as it sounds like – a device that humidifies the environment. Humidifiers are electrical devices that are widely used in dry geographical landscapes to keep the humidity levels inside the house to adequate levels, primarily to maintain good health. However, they are also commonly used for various other purposes and nevertheless, a worthy investment for your home sweet home. If you are confused as to which brand is ideal for long-term use, you are at the right spot. This article is about to introduce to you one of the most renowned humidifier brands that gained the limelight recently with their world-class product lines and you can’t get your hands off them! Yes, you guessed that right – Levoit humidifiers.

Some general facts about humidifiers 

Humidifiers come in a lot of different working mechanisms, sizes, and budgets but what you buy predominantly depends upon your precise needs. The most well known and bestselling five main types of humidifiers are:

  • central humidifiers
  • evaporators
  • impeller humidifiers
  • steam vaporizers
  • ultrasonic humidifiers

Humidifiers are an important household appliance when viewed medically – in a sense that they help in maintaining a healthy humidity level in the air around you, required for optimal and healthy body function. Hence, they are primarily employed in houses situated in dry geographical areas or even during the winters. They are also employed in summer months along with extensive use of ACs that strip off humidity from the air and makes the skin dry, itchy, and scaly. 

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Humidifiers help in relieving such symptoms as dry throat, dry skin, bloody noses, cracked lips or toes, and so on. Normally, spaces with central air conditioners also come with central humidifiers attached to those units but they are the most expensive type. Hence, people nowadays prefer small, portable humidifiers that can be carried wherever they go and are adequate enough to restore the humidity levels of a small space like a car, compact room, and so on. 

At the same time, you must remember that too much humidity is also bad as such they serve as a breeding ground for various microbes, mites, and also traps dust. The ideal percentage is between 30 to 50. 

Levoit – a renowned option for humidifiers 

For humidifiers, you have a lot of brands in the market today but one name that has become increasingly popular in every house and medical institute is ‘Levoit.’ The brand started in the States back in 2017. They soon outgrew smaller home appliance brands to become one of the largest names for home appliances. Since then, the brand has come into partnerships with numerous retail chains including some of the largest names – Amazon, Walmart, Brookstone, and Houzz. As of now, they only have two products – air purifiers and air humidifiers but both with unmatchable quality as well as longevity. 

Their humidifiers are built with the most exceptional quality in the market and boast some uncommon useful features that have helped the brand reach the height of being the ‘best-selling humidifier brand’. The brand’s goals and aims are clearly portrayed in the array of simple yet sophisticated product lines. They are committed to creating reliable wellness products for homes and their product lines are a clear indication of this. They are a major part of US households now and have kept their promise by creating a clean and comfortable atmosphere in any space they are housed. 

LEVOIT for Bedroom

Levoit Humidifiers – the best in the market

Smart technology

Levoit Humidifiers

The most astounding feature of Levoit humidifiers that makes them stand out is their carefully embedded AI technology that takes only seconds to sync with your smart home. Their humidifiers can be synced with VeSync, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa for hands-free voice control in your smart home. Some of their humidifiers like the Levoit Smart 4L Cool Mist come with this feature that lets you maintain a healthy humidity level by voice control. Most others come with in-built humidity monitoring sensors to automatically adjust the mist level within your space. 



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The next best thing about Levoit’s humidifiers is the thoughtfully built provision to implement aromatherapy right at your home. The humidifier is embedded with an essential oil diffuser inside the body. Just when you are switching it on, you can also feed your favorite essential oil into the aroma box inside the humidifier. Levoit humidifiers vaporize the essential oil that instantly spreads a refreshing scent in your room and a calming sensation. It is perfect as a gift item for anyone who loves some essential oil treatment at times.

User features

LEVOIT Humidifiers for Bedroom

Apart from these outstanding features, the overall ease of use is also quite impressive. The tank that holds the water is made to be transparent for easy monitoring of water levels and to check for refills. Go without refills for 24 hours to 60 hours as per the tank capacity you have chosen. The Levoit Classic300S comes with a giant 6L tank that lasts up to 60 hours without refills! On the other hand, if the tank runs out of water, the device switches on its own without you needing to constantly monitor it. The refilling process is also quite simple and straightforward through its wide, top-fill opening which also indicates an easy cleaning process. If you do not want to step down from your bed at night, you can also use their remote control to set a timer for the device while you go to bed. 

Humidifiers for Bedroom

If these aren’t enough, Levoit has designed its humidifiers to operate at literally zero (lower than 30dB) noise levels through an intelligent Ultra-Quiet Technology. This makes their humidifiers the first choice among parents for their baby’s sound sleep. The Levoit LV600HH White is the best humidifier for nurseries for its silent operation and even if you want one for yourself. Moreover, all Levoit humidifiers are equipped with remote controls. The Classic 100 Levoit cool mist humidifier also comes equipped with a night light that can be turned off right from your bed using remote control before sleeping for an undisturbed good night’s sleep.

Safe and healthy

If you are wondering about the safety of these humidifiers, be rest assured, you cannot find another product safer than these. Levoit’s humidifiers are designed to be BPA-free which makes them extremely safe around kids. The sensors, on the other hand, help in maintaining a healthy and optimal moisture level inside the room, not allowing the breeding of microbes in the air.

Humidifiers LEVOIT

Ultrasonic Humidifying Technology

Lastly, the humidifying technology that Levoit uses is highly advanced and is called Ultrasonic Technology. Their cool mist ultrasonic humidifier uses a 360° rotating nozzle to spray a fine mist as small as 5 μm to just adequately humidify your room without wetting floors or soaking furniture. 

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Levoit’s humidifiers are a brand in itself as they encompass all useful features that anyone can ever need in a humidifier. They are spacious enough to work for days without a refill and also come with a BPA-free design. Their humidifiers are among the top choice of medical professionals as they help in relieving dry skin, toes, and maintaining healthy, soft skin for you and your baby. The humidifiers come equipped with all the smart features from mist-monitoring sensors, to auto shut-off and even compatibility with third-party voice apps like Alexa, Google, and so on.

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