Foodsaver jar sealer product reviews and users guide 

Foodsaver jar sealer

Are you thinking of keeping your foods fresh for a long time? Unlike in past days, preservation is no longer wrapping foods in wax paper and foil. Such a method is uneconomical and could consume more time. Current technology is here to help us preserve foods economically and conveniently. Food saver jar sealer is one of the igneous technological innovation products which allows you to safely store your food in a jar and prevent contamination by harmful agents. Don’t just seal your mason-type jars. Use Foodsaver jar sealer to make them air-tight. Lockout air to seal freshness in your food to make it safe and with longer shelf life. If you like preparing large portions of foods and storing them in the fridge later, here are some top brand FoodSaver jar sealers for your kitchen. 

If you are wondering about the type of accessories you need to seal your food in a jar, here is the solution for your needs. We present three of the best sealers and accessories from Foodsaver, which will help you prevent kitchen food wastage. The article also shares some essential information necessary for the proper application of the kit.

FoodSaver FA2000 Handheld Sealer Attachment

Foodsaver jar sealer

The FoodSaver Handheld Sealer has a design compatible with containers, zipper bags, including other food saver accessories such as wine stoppers, quick marinator, and jar sealers. It works without the need for other parts or additional adapters. This is the best brand for your kitchen for efficient storage of refrigerated foods and maintaining their freshness. It will seal your jar and help you keep your food fresh longer than unwrapped food.

Product description 

It is compatible and easy to attach to models FM2100 and FM 2000.

You can use it with containers, zipper bags, and canisters.

It doesn’t need other additional parts or accessories.

It is easy to attach and designed with a safe, BPA-free material. 

You can use this sealer with all other Quick Marinator, wine stopper, and jar sealers.

FoodSaver FA2000 Handheld Sealer Attachment

Product pros 

It is easy to use with a good suction power 

It gives a perfect seal which ensures product freshness 

Product cons 

It is only compatible with FoodSaver FM2000 and FM2100

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FoodSaver Regular Jar Sealer Kit

FoodSaver Regular Jar Sealer Kit

This Foodsaver jar sealer kit has a regular jar sealer, accessory hose, and a wide-mouth sealer to allow you to make an air-tight vacuum seal. Use the equipment to seal both your wide-mouth and regular-mouth mason-type jar lids. It is the perfect kit for your kitchen or pantry rooms. Use to maintain the freshness of your source, mustard, jam, nuts, grains, and more. The equipment is dishwasher safe and compatible with Foodsaver appliances that have an accessory port. This Foodsaver jar sealer kit is stain-resistant, odor-proof, BPA-free, and environmentally friendly.

Product features 

It is resistant to stains and odor-proof.

It is dishwasher safe and with a BPA material which Is friendly to the environment.

It has a design compatible with a wide mouth and regular mouth Mason-type jars and lids.

It is only compatible with Foodsaver appliances which have an accessory port.

Regular Jar Sealer Kit

Product pros 

The appliance is easy to clean and use with excellent suction power.

It ensures freshness which offers value for your money.

Product cons 

The kit is only compatible with the Foodsaver appliances with an accessory port.

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Food Saver Adapter PU Kitchen Vacuum Attachment Kit

Food Saver Adapter PU Kitchen Vacuum Attachment Kit

If you already own a Foodsaver with an accessory port, this is a great kit for you. Food saver adapter ensures that you keep your food safe when refrigerating and prevent kitchen wastages. The adapter from Foodsaver is compatible with Dapai DS100/DS2300/DS360 series jar sealer. You can connect it with other non-compatible machines if their connector’s shape and sizes are suitable for the product. Use this Foodsaver adapter for wide mouth standard size mason-type jar and lids. It is stain-resistant and odor-proof. It works best when preserving your source, jam, and mustard.

Product features 

It is compatible with the Dapai DS100/DS2300/DS360 series jar sealer. If you want to use it with other sealing machine models, ensure that its connector size and shape fit this product. It has a design suitable for preserving mustard, jam, and sauces.

It resists stains odor.

The kit is designed to vacuum jars efficiently. Use it for a wide-mouth standard size mason-type jar and lid.

Food Saver Adapter

Product pros 

It is easy to use and resistant to stain and odor 

You can connect it to other compatible sealers with fitting connector size and shape.

Product cons 

This product is not compatible with all other sealer machines.

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How to use a Foodsaver jar sealer kit in sealing a canning jar 

The Foodsaver jar sealer attachments are used in sealing food canning jars. You may be wondering how it gets done. It is an easy process. Once you have all the necessary things you need, you can do it within no time. Just place the flat lid on the top of the jar. In this case, you may not necessarily need a ring to hold the cover on top. Once the lid is on top, set your canning jar vacuum seal on its top, then connect to the hose attachment. Press the start button on your Foodsaver jar sealer kit appliance. A horse attachment typically comes along with the Foodsaver unit.

Usually, canning jar sealers exist on the market in two types. Therefore, get the one that meets your needs—a Foodsaver wide mouth jar sealer for wider-mouth jars and Foodsaver regular jar sealer for regular mouth jars. If you are doubting your size, you can get both types.

What do you do if the Foodsaver jar sealer kit fails to seal? 

If the lid is not sealing, troubleshoot the problem with the following simple tips 

Use two lids. Yes, it may sound funny, but it works. Place the two lids on top of the jar and apply the Foodsaver jar sealer kit attachment in the same standard procedure above. The canning lid on top will come off, but the other one will seal your canning jar.

You may try a different lid – your lid may be defective, so it is always good to try with a separate lid and see if it works.

if it still fails, try out with a different canning jar. The reason for not sealing could be due to an invisible dip on the rim of the jar.

How to vacuum seal non-canning jar using Foodsaver jar sealer kit

With a Foodsaver jar sealer kit, you can vacuum a reusable seal jar. The essential requirement for this type of jar is the availability of a rubber ring inside the jar lid. The procedure may be slightly different from the canning jar type. Though they may come in different colors, that doesn’t matter. The rubber ring you see inside the jar lid is secret. Provide it is inside the jar lid. You will seal your non-cannoning jar.

To seal this type of jar, you will need a food saver canister set. Tighten the lid on the jar and place it inside one of the canisters. Select a canister the size closest to your jar to ensure there is less air to suck out.

Once the lid is tightened and inside the canister, get the hose attachment that comes with Foodsaver. Use it to attach to the top of the canister. Take the other end of the hose attachment and connect it to the Foodsaver unit, then it on using the push button. The sealer will suck the air out from the jars inside and the canister too. Once the process is finished, the unit will turn. You can now remove the hose attachment and press the button on the canister top and open it. The inside of the jar will seal. The last step after you finish with sealing is to label all your jars. Do not rely on your memory. You may confuse the content and the date of sealing.

Why buy a Foodsaver jar sealer for your kitchen 

Keep air out of food 

After opening up packet food in the kitchen, you may need them to stay fresh for some time before using it again. Once you have your food in a jar, a Foodsaver jar sealer or a Foodsaver regular jar sealer will suck out air from your jar and seal, allowing your food to stay safe for a longer time.

Saves your money 

Once you have a Foodsaver jar sealer kit in your kitchen, you reduce food wastage by a more significant percentage. If you bought a lot of meat, you could use the equipment to seal it in your jar and store it in a freezer for a longer time. With minimized wastage, you save a lot on your food budget.

Retaining freshness and flavor of food 

A tremendous advantage of using a Foodsaver jar sealer is that you never lose your traditional food taste and flavor. The method of food storage ensures you retain the color, flavor, and taste of your food. Your food does not come out of the freezer with freeze burns.


Is there any other convenient way of keeping your leftover food in the kitchen? Using a Foodsaver jar sealer is the easiest and most convenient way of storing your foods in a refrigerator. It makes food storage in the fridge easier and neater. You utilize your fridge well by maximizing its storage space.

Final thought 

Whether you are buying a Foodsaver wide mouth jar sealer or Foodsaver regular jar sealer, you will aim to have food with extended shelf life. Unlike the traditional way of storing food in a freezer, this Foodsaver jar sealer kit helps you keep your food most conveniently and safely, maintaining its natural taste and flavor. Most of these kits are easy to use and with materials that resist stain. Before buying a suitable kit, ensure it is compatible with the type of task you need to do.

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