7 Face Massager Roller for Women: Reviews and Buying Guide

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A face massager roller is something you’ve undoubtedly seen on social media or at a friend’s house.

The most frequent materials used to make the little device are jade or rose quartz. Some come with two rollerballs, while others resemble a miniature rolling pin with rollers of varied sizes attached to both ends of the handle. Face roller benefits are numerous. Rubbing your face with a face roller provides a plethora of skin advantages. It may even relieve stress and anxiety in the same way as a body massage.

Let’s look and have a detailed idea of these seven face massagers given below.

AMIRCE 3D Electric Face Massager Roller 

This face massager roller comes in golden color. And it is a 3D electric Face Roller with a T Shape Massager Kit.


This kit is wonderful because it comprises two types of face massagers: a 3D roller face massager and a T-shape electric face roller.

AMIRCE Face Massager Roller
Image Source: Amazon.com

Face roller Benefits

Using the face roller massage set daily can make your face and skin appear younger. It can also be used with skincare products to improve absorption.

AMIRCE Face Massager Roller 1 1
Image Source: Amazon.com

Latest Design

The 3D Roller has a unique 3D V-type design that fits the entire body curvature. In addition, the T shape is healthy for the skin and is built for 6000 vibrations per minute.

AMIRCE Face Massager Roller 1 2
Image Source: Amazon.com


Because of the particular waterproof design, you may wear them when showering. Furthermore, the T-shaped and 3D roller face massager allows you to utilize the device on any region of your body from any angle. Again, because of its portable form and the sensitive storage bag, you may use the electric massager whenever and wherever you choose.

AMIRCE Face Massager Roller 1 3
Image Source: Amazon.com

Keep in mind

Requires one AA battery (not supplied), is powered by electricity, and has proper circulation. Aside from that, the manual control twists on and off. Important Note: If you can’t fit the rechargeable AA batteries into the gadget, it’s because it’s too big. Please use a different brand of an AA battery.

AMIRCE Face Massager Roller 1 4
Image Source: Amazon.com


  • The massage might help you appear younger by relaxing your skin.
  • Increased circulation can give your skin a more youthful appearance.
  • Massage increases the amount of oxygen in the region being massaged, making your face look younger.
  • It’s simple to operate, and AA batteries power both gadgets.
  • The design is waterproof from all sides. Therefore, it can also be used in the bath. However, do not soak in water for an extended period.
AMIRCE Face Massager Roller 1 5
Image Source: Amazon.com


  • It can stop working if your hand accidentally moves the cylinder at the bottom, turning it on and off. So, you have to be careful about that.
  • You will have to make sure every part is working properly.

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Rose Quartz Jade Roller for Skincare

It’s a stone face massage tool for women that relieves stress and removes wrinkles, eye puffiness e.t.c. It comes in pink color.

Flexible Design

This jade roller is designed to roll quietly without squeaks and is less prone to slip off metal parts. Our face roller’s delicate and smooth-rolling surface is supported by a robust integrated frame with a curved handle for dependable operation.

Rose Quartz Jade Roller
Image Source: Amazon.com

Removes Wrinkles and Refreshes your skin

The rose quartz face roller can help restore the smooth and young skin you’ve lost to time by improving skin circulation. This jade facial roller also improves skin elasticity, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and other indications of aging, and promotes a youthful glow, so your skin appears and feels younger. In addition, the rose quartz jade roller’s coldness calms your skin, decreasing puffiness, wrinkling, and fine lines for a smoother complexion.

Rose Quartz Jade Roller 1
Image Source: Amazon.com


This natural quartz facial roller may be used to improve the appearance of your skin on your face, neck, torso, arms, nose, and even around the eyes.

Rose Quartz Jade Roller 2
Image Source: Amazon.com


  • Assist in the absorption of skincare products
  • A thicker handle provides extra durability.
  • The perfect birthday gift
  • Silent design without squeaking
  • 100% natural quartz stone
  • Sinus pressure is relieved, and tension headaches are relieved.
  • The metal is robust and has a lovely finish.
  • It’s the perfect weight and size to carry for lengthy periods.
Rose Quartz Jade Roller 3
Image Source: Amazon.com


  • You’ll have to be careful with the handle while using
  • It would be difficult to have a quartz handle and find a way to add the rollers without breaking the rose quartz firmly.

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AIBOKEE 2 in 1 Electric Face Massager

It is a 3D T shape face massager kit. It’s one of the best face rollers.  It can be used as an arm, eye, waist & leg massager. It helps to remove wrinkles, lifts the face, tightens skin, and makes your look more firm than before.

AIBOKEE Electric Face Massager
Image Source: Amazon.com


It can calm the muscles and the entire body. In addition, when used in conjunction with skin care products, it can help the skin absorb more nutrients.

AIBOKEE Electric Face Massager 1
Image Source: Amazon.com


3D roller electric massager, V-shaped design, compact size; 360° revolving design, appropriate for all skin types. It is possible to prevent skin aging, tighten the skin, massage the body, face, arms, legs, buttocks, and back, and generate a light effect by using a new kneading technique. It may be rubbed with cosmetics to help skincare products absorb better.

AIBOKEE Electric Face Massager 2
Image Source: Amazon.com

Face Massager in T-Shape

T-shape and tiny size; an elegant and compact form that rests pleasantly on the skin. The T-shape is made to withstand 6000 vibrations per minute. As a result, skin is activated, face blood circulation increases, stiffness is reduced, and skin vitality is restored. Reduce eye bags and dark circles, and wrinkles around the eyes, lips, forehead, and neck. A decent face massage may help you feel peaceful and relaxed while reducing tension.

AIBOKEE Electric Face Massager 3
Image Source: Amazon.com


  • It’s easy to use and handle. 
  • It has an excellent feature of vibrational approach to full body massage
  • It helps to relax sore jaws
  • The metal arm enters the faceted sphere; the dual sphere tool contains plastic inserts. This allows for a quiet and smooth-rolling movement. Another feature of this bearing is that it shields the sphere and metal arm from abrasive contact. As a result, it improves operation and durability.
  • The price is very reasonable.,
AIBOKEE Electric Face Massager 4
Image Source: Amazon.com


  • No batteries are included.
  • Each massager will require one AA battery to operate.
  • The T bar massager cannot be turned off without removing the cap.
AIBOKEE Electric Face Massager 5
Image Source: Amazon.com

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3D Microcurrent Multifun Facial Roller

This is the Multifun face and body massager roller for anti-aging. It improves facial contour and skin tone.  Good at wrinkle reduction and firms body skin, smoothens dimples. It is complete professional skincare.

Microcurrent Multifun Facial Roller
Image Source: Amazon.com


The 3D Face Roller with solar panel design can deliver a gentle microcurrent to boost ATP generation, energizing the facial muscles for the best face care. It effectively enhances face shape, tone, and wrinkle reduction. Massaging the chin, cheeks, forehead, and lips effectively decreases dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles. In addition, Microcurrent skincare provides a non-invasive facelift and anti-aging treatment that is safe and painless.

Microcurrent Multifun Facial Roller 1
Image Source: Amazon.com

Tones firms and smoothens your face

It is a body skin treatment that tones, firms, and smooth dimples. The face roller and body massager noticeably tones and firms body skin while reducing the appearance of dimples. It enhances the skin’s strength and tightens sagging skin for the entire body, including the neck, arms, abs, thighs, and buttocks. This face roller massager also helps lymphatic drainage and boosts blood circulation. When applying the mask, aim for maximum absorption. It improves the firmness, smoothness, and health of your skin.

Microcurrent Multifun Facial Roller 2
Image Source: Amazon.com

Unique design and high in quality

The exquisite face roller with an Adjustable built handle can easily support creating several pressured places while rolling and continually tightening the skin. In addition, the acupuncture points on the end of the handle may be efficiently simulated with the bit of an acupoint ball on the end of the handle to help you relax. 3D Ball Roller Massager with Impact Structure: It can raise skin more efficiently and pinch the skin constantly by carefully adjusting the angle of incidence of each roller.

Microcurrent Multifun Facial Roller 3
Image Source: Amazon.com

Portable Face Body Roller

It saves time and money. The facial roller and body massager is lightweight and come with a soft storage bag. Treat yourself whenever and wherever you want! Enjoy expert skincare in the privacy of your own home, with visible effects in as little as five minutes every day. With our inexpensive face roller, you can treat yourself more effectively and simply for a fraction of the price.

Microcurrent Multifun Facial Roller 4
Image Source: Amazon.com

Precious Gift

A Priceless and Valuable Gift – for all of your loved ones. The delicate face roller comes in a sophisticated box with the highest quality, making it an ideal present for everyone who wants to look their best. For you, the most excellent come customer service. It collects light from the solar panel and creates a modest microcurrent. There is no need to charge it.

Microcurrent Multifun Facial Roller 5
Image Source: Amazon.com


  • No need to charge using solar power
  • Microcurrent soothes and stimulates collagen skin health.
  • Improve Facial Contour with a V-Shape
  • Increase the flow of blood
  • Wrinkles Can Be Reduced
  • Reduce the appearance of dark circles and their anti-aging
  • Body Skin That Is Firm


  • There might be a problem with getting the microcurrent of the roller.

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3 in 1 HANABEE Face Massager For Women 

This is a 3D V line lifting rose quartz face Roller that does skincare in the best way. The electric vibrating eye massager also lifts Double Chin Reducer HANABEE Facial Massager Skin Roller.

The Waterproof 3D V-Lifting Roller 

This is a one-of-a-kind product. When used as a face slimmer, the head can spin 360°, and the distinctive 70° design fits the whole body tightening curve, resulting in a more compact tightening. It may also be used on anybody portion that requires lifting and tightening. Slimming lotion or a face-lifting bandage will help.

HANABEE Face Massager
Image Source: Amazon.com

Genuine Rose Quartz 

This is guaranteed to be 100 percent pure. It’s also known as the “heart stone” since it cools and energizes the skin. It’s great for the neck, chin, cheeks, forehead, eyes, nose, lips, and the rest of your body. Furthermore, the serums can enter deeper skin layers because of the 6000 vibrations per minute vibration frequency. Two hundred eighty manual massages are equal to one electric vibration massage.

HANABEE Face Massager 1
Image Source: Amazon.com

Selection of HANABEE 100% Quality Assurance

The HANABEE-selected skincare tool is the best facial massager. It is meticulously created by a core factory with over ten years of manufacturing expertise, and all have passed quality checks. In addition, the motor is guaranteed for two years if you use it 2-3 times each week.

HANABEE Face Massager 2
Image Source: Amazon.com

Revived Skin in 4 Weeks

This skin roller spa kit is claimed to tighten skin while significantly enhancing face shape and smoothing wrinkles. The facial equipment might be double chin reduction or face slimming strap spa present. If you persevere for 28 days, you’ll notice that your skin glows from the inside.

HANABEE Face Massager 3
Image Source: Amazon.com

Controlled vibrating facial massager

It has a 3D replacement head; 1 round rose quartz replacement head is included in each package. A guidebook is included a velvet storage bag and a little suede towel for cleaning. Also, one AA battery with a diameter of 14mm or smaller is required.

HANABEE Face Massager 4
Image Source: Amazon.com


  • All of the raw materials used to make this product are 100 percent natural opal mined in the Hami region of Xinjiang, which helps enhance the skin-nourishing properties of natural jade.
  • Improve your memory and cognition by clearing your thoughts.
  • It is cooling and energizing for the skin. It’s great for the neck, chin, cheeks, forehead, eyes, nose, lips, and the rest of your body.


  • The small round rose quartz might get separated when received; you might have to fix it before using it.
HANABEE Face Massager 5
Image Source: Amazon.com

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SENXILLER Facial Massager Skin Tightening Machine

This is a color LED light therapy machine that promotes face cream absorption and strengthening elasticity helps to remove wrinkles. It is a professional anti-aging skincare tool.


A high-frequency skin tightening machine can warm deep skin, increasing skin temperature and allowing the essence to permeate the skin more rapidly. Would you kindly use it three or four times a week when you first start using it? Then, when your skin improves, you may manage the frequency of use yourself based on your skin’s state.

SENXILLER Facial Massager
Image Source: Amazon.com


The skin tightening machine uses micro-current to stimulate deep skin and muscle, improve face wrinkles, and tighten the skin. Choose your favorite skin mask or cream essence to use with the instrument.

SENXILLER Facial Massager 1
Image Source: Amazon.com


Apply skincare products, facial masks, creams, or creams to clean skin before using a facial massager since face massagers can assist skincare products penetrating to the bottom of the skin, promote skin elasticity, and reduce wrinkles. However, its four-color will take a long time to maintain and get fine skin. If you use it three times a week for 60 days, it will be noticeable.

SENXILLER Facial Massager 2
Image Source: Amazon.com

Warm Prompt

To avoid pain caused by long-term usage in a fixed position on the face, each mode is intelligently programmed into the standby condition in 5 minutes. After that, you can continue to use the device by re-entering the function key.

SENXILLER Facial Massager 3
Image Source: Amazon.com


  • Due to the narrow waist layout and lovely white color, the sensation is pretty pleasant and fashionable on your hand.
  • Nature would be simple to quickly infiltrate your epidermis, boosting skin warmth to start the pores and immediately enhancing safety and functional results.
  • LED and vibration in skin elasticity and cell function improve blood circulation, making your skin look younger and more attractive.


  • Using this product might seem a bit tricky as it has a lot of options.
SENXILLER Facial Massager 4
Image Source: Amazon.com

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Skin Gym Facial Roller 

This face sculptor massage is good for wrinkles and fine lines, and it is an anti-aging, face lifting skincare beauty tool.

Facial Roller Massager by Skin Gym

Rose Quartz, Jade, and amethyst are among the stones and textures offered in our classic face rollers. There are, however, many more face roller styles to discover!

Skin Gym Facial Roller
Image Source: Amazon.com

Face Sculptor Beauty Roller has round-shaped ends that fit every curve of your face and simulate the benefits of a professional massage. At the same time, a Vibrating Lift & Contour Roller vibrates to lift and contour your face. The Beauty Roller blends beauty and science, as well as cooling vibrations, to provide amazing results. Choose the pattern that best suits your skin tone, and get set to start your self-care regimen with radiant skin.

Skin Gym Facial Roller 1 1
Image Source: Amazon.com

Helps to Remove Dull, Puffy Skin 

Say Goodbye to Dull, Puffy Skin  Our facial rollers are contoured to suit the natural curves of your face, giving your skin a healthy shine. Rolling up will give you the most radiant, non-puffy, and relaxed skin you’ve ever had.

Skin Gym Facial Roller 1 2
Image Source: Amazon.com

Ideal for massaging the undereye area

Many Skin Gym face rollers come with one large and one little stone to roll over the face, with the smaller one explicitly designed to treat the sensitive skin around the eyes. While you should still be careful in this region, consistent use of your face roller will leave you feeling instantly rejuvenated and revitalized beneath your eyes.

Skin Gym Facial Roller 1 3
Image Source: Amazon.com


  • Enhances the appearance of the skin’s radiance.
  • Face tension is temporarily relieved.
  • Underneath the eyes, you’ll feel refreshed and re-energized.
  • It’s perfect for regaining young shine.


  • You might have to put it in the fridge before using it, comes,comes
Skin Gym Facial Roller 1 5
Image Source: Amazon.com

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Face rolling’s face-sculpting results are virtually immediate, as it gradually drains away puffiness. However, if you want to reap the long-term advantages of lifting, you must incorporate it into your everyday routine. As you roll upwards against gravity, you keep raising and exercising the muscles in the appropriate direction, which helps retrain the muscles.

Facial Roller
Image Source: Amazon.com

After applying a sheet mask, many people use face rollers to help the chemicals penetrate more profound. Still, you can also use a face roller at the end of your skincare process to increase product absorption for the same reason. So, it’s beneficial for your skincare routine.

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