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My Shopmaster Guides- Exactly What to Look for in a Sunscreen


The many things we have learned about how to choose a safe sunscreen that protects us from the sun’s rays, yet without the ingredients to harm us. SPF, sun filters, nano particles, blue light, propellant chemicals..  do you know what all of these terms mean and how they factor into the choice of sunscreen? For […]

Top 10 Best Whitewater Kayaks for This Summer Campaign

best whitewater kayaks

Kayaking is an excellent form of water sport. And it takes a better shape with a more extreme and exciting version known as whitewater kayaking. It requires some real skills and immense stamina to get started with this particular kayaking. But most of it all there has to be an extremely good kayak to have […]

My Shopmaster Guides – Electric Shavers, Everything You need to Know

Electric Shavers

In today’s world, electric shavers are very popular. This is because they are lightweight and very convenient since you do not need to visit a barber for your basic grooming needs. Apart from that, most of them use rechargeable batteries which makes them ideal for traveling. In this article, we shall discuss some of the […]

Best Red Dot Sights For AR 15 – 2021 Reviews (Price Below $100)

Best Red Dot Sights For AR 15

The red dot sight also called the reflex sight is the best companion for your AR 15 hunting rifle. If you are into hunting especially, close-range hunting then you have no way but to get the red dot sights as this increases the overall accuracy enabling you to hit the target’s bullseye with your AR […]

Beginners Guide to Couples Diet and Exercise Plan

Couples Diet and Exercise Plan

Food and exercise play a large role in our life that includes our relationships. Well, eating together and working out together has an enormous impact on your relationship. A recent survey tells that couples who maintain healthy eating and working out habits together are 40% more nutritious than those who don’t. So, keeping a couple’s […]

How the color of your swimsuit determines whether you look fat or slim?

one piece swimsuits flattering

The swimsuit season is finally upon us! This season does not need a special mention. From celebrities to teachers, everyone is all set to welcome the summer with their color-splashing swimsuit. Be it hitting the Maldives beach, or being invited to pool parties, the swimsuit season is the most exciting time of the year. Hence, […]

What is the difference between a water flosser and a Waterpik

water flosser and a Waterpik

Everybody loves and wants a flattering, beautiful, and healthy smile. But you have to take care of your teeth and gums to get that sparkling white healthy smile. Bad oral maintenance can cause gum diseases, cavities, tooth loss, and many other oral problems including bad breath. Bad oral health can even lead to poor heart […]

10 Best Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor: Review and Buying guide 

Best Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

In case that you or your family member suffer from hypertension and anxiety, then your doctor must have recommended you to have a wrist blood pressure monitor in your home to check the blood pressure levels regularly without the hassle of visiting medical shops. There are several blood pressure monitors out in the market from […]